Things I Love : CSI on Sunday Mornings

It was Sunday morning and we were just laying in bed.  Nothing to do…nowhere to be.  We had no intention of getting up any time soon.  I believe Sundays are meant for sleeping in and doing nothing.  He didn’t have to ask me what I wanted to watch…he just turned on the TV and pressed play.  As Gil Grissom recited his incredibly cheesy, yet perfectly appropriate one liner …I just smiled.  The intro started to play and Gary leaned over and said…I love watching reruns with you.  I found the coziest crevice and nuzzled up next to him.   I laid there…watching rerun after rerun of CSI…completely content.  Utterly happy that I had found the perfect person to watch reruns with on Sunday mornings.



  • Janet Wakefield - April 27, 2011 - 1:09 am

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