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Gary was grilling up some turkey burgers and I was in the kitchen preparing the steamed broccoli.  We’ve been on this health kick lately…sort of.   At least last night we were on a health kick.  When he wasn’t running back and forth checking on the burgers he was fixated on getting our cable issue resolved.  Long story.  So I’m standing in the kitchen…bowl of broccoli ready and waiting to go in the microwave…just waiting.  I had told him to give me a 5 minutes warning.  So I was just standing…waiting…staring.  Staring at my brand new, delicious, unopened box of Cinnamon Life.  I peeked over at Gary…who was in his own little world.  I quietly opened the cabinet and grabbed the smallest bowl I could see.  I was careful not to make any sudden movements.  As sneakily as possible, I opened the box of Cinnamon Life and poured it into my bowl.  Within seconds I savoring every bite of those little squares of perfection.  If there had been a camera crew around…this scene would have made for the perfect commercial.  I was in cereal heaven.  Don’t ask me why I felt I needed to hide it from Gary.  I was like a little kid sneaking a cookie before dinner.   I hadn’t had Cinnamon Life in years and every bite was just as good as I remembered.  While our turkey burgers and broccoli were very nutritious…my bowl of Cinnamon Life made my whole day.  And yes…it’s that easy to make my day.


Cinnamon Life


Happy Tuesday.  Who’s excited for the Bulls game?  And the Biggest Loser finale…and the Bachelorette season premier (I still haven’t watched it).  I think I just got TV anxiety.

  • Cara - May 25, 2011 - 1:47 am

    Couldn’t agree more…Cereal is a comfort food for sure!ReplyCancel

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