Well it’s here.  27.  Bright and shiny and new.  A whole year full of possibilities and newness.  A year that can be anything I want it to be.  26 was the craziest year of my life.  When I sat down on October 26th of last year and wrote a blog post about my birthday…never in a million years did I imagine this last year would have been what it was.  Sure…there were some downs…but there were so many ups.  So many great times and steps forwards.   So many reasons to look back and smile.  But I’m ready to say goodbye to 26 and make 27 everything I’ve ever wanted.  A year of good things.  Only good things.  So today…on day one of 27…I’m going to soak up as much goodness as I can.  I’m going to do only things that make me smile and prepare for another year that changed everything….in every good way possible.


Today I’m going to?

Order pancakes at breakfast

Get an extra Starbucks

Go shoe shopping…and buy impractical shoes

Drink mimosas

Watch TV in the middle of the day

Let Goose on the couch

Constantly check Facebook…because who doesn’t love Facebook on their birthday.  🙂

Listen to Taylor…on repeat (oh wait…I do that every day)

Dress up.

Date night it up with Gar Bear

End the night nestled in the couch…the perfect end to the perfect day.


And because well…this bag pretty much says it all.

Eat-Cake-for-Breakfast-Kate-Spade-Bag, kate spade, birthday, 27, eat cake for  breakfast

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