My main men.

The beach is beautiful.  The sun sets over the serene water and paints the sand with that perfect shade of golden.  The sunshine warms up my skin and makes the memory of cold and snow stay distant.  Our beds are turned down every night and there are fresh, fluffy, white robes waiting every morning.  The coffee is hot and plentiful…and the company is good.  No great.  Everything about this place is magical.  It’s like a breath of fresh air for life.  Just the thought of waking up here everyday gives me butterflies.


But there’s something missing.  All this beauty and peacefulness isn’t the same without my two main men.  The two guys who make me feel at home.  And make life everything that it is.  I love everything about this place…but not as much as I love these two.  Not even close.

gary, goose, santa barbara, home

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