Happy birthday little buddy. . . here’s to 90 more years.

The first thing I remember are his big, beady eyes.  I looked in the crate full of puppies and in a sea of fawn fur and sounds of sleeping I saw his eyes.  They were way too big for his head…and kind of pointed away from each other.  Like it was impossible to for him to look straight ahead.  I didn’t hesitate for a second and said…that one.  He looked at me with the face that I’ve come to know as one I can never resist.  I immediately picked him up and he was so small.  Smaller than a kitten.  He fit easily in the palm of my hand and I secretly wished he would stay that small forever.  I remember the car ride home…he sat on my lap and feel asleep within seconds.  Like he knew he was safe…and I was the one who would always take care of him.


From that day on…we’ve been inseparable.  Through every phase…the chewing on my ankles phase…the puking everywhere phase…the continuous trips to the vet phase….the shedding phase…oh wait, that’s not a phase.  Through everything he’s always been my trusty companion.  There’s just no way to explain the love people have for their dogs.  And even more, the love those dogs have back.  The unconditional loyalty…it’s like they are a part of you.  Goose and I have been through so much…nine years of ups and downs and laughter and heartbreak…new houses and old habits…he has been standing right between my feet just begging me to step on him.  And today…on his birthday…I couldn’t love him more.  Today…he is nine years old.  He’s not the awnry little puppy he used to be…but he is still Goose.  The once fat now skinny pug that wants nothing more in the world than to sit on your lap.  Who barks at nothing and has as many as five heart attacks when it times to eat.  And who makes our little family whole.


Happy birthday Goose.  I love you more than life itself and never want to imagine life without you.

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