Random thoughts of the day: The road rage altercation

The other day…I was driving to the gym and this giant black truck was coming up behind me…rather quickly if I must say.  He was changing lanes every 5 seconds to try to get around as many cars as possible.  Hwewas being very erratic.   And this wasn’t a highway we were driving on…it was your typical 30mph Chicago road.  I was going to be turning left so when I saw an opportunity I signaled and merged into the left lane.  Apparently that got in the way of this man’s plan to drive 70mph down Sheridan…so he wasn’t too happy with me.  And if I’m being honest…a little part of me was happy I got in his way.  I mean he was just being flat out dangerous.  So I continued on…driving the speed limit…with him inches from my back bumper.  When we got to the next stop light he pulls up next to me and rolls his window down and yells…”YOU NEED TO GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!!”  Ummm….excuse me sir?  My phone is and always has been sitting on the seat next to me…so I think you’re crazy.  After I let him know I wasn’t on my phone he continues yelling at me…”YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!!!  MAN YOU CAN’T DRIVE.  OOOOOOOH LORDY!! WHEW!”  I sat in my car giggling because…really sir?  I think there is only one person who needs to learn how to drive in the scenario.  And it certainly isn’t me.


So I drove away thinking of a million awesome comebacks I could have thrown his way.  It’s funny how they never come to you in the moment!  And I ultimately just laughed because whoever that man is…he obviously needs a hug.  LORDY!


In honor of my incredibly random altercation which led to this very random story…I thought it was the perfect time for another installment of random thoughts of the day!


  • Road rage never made sense to me.  It’s like you’re getting mad and yelling at yourself…because no one else can hear you.
  • Gary may get a little bit of road rage from time to time…so he decided yoga is the cure.  I can’t make this stuff up.
  • Speaking of yoga…I’ve made it my new goal to do a handstand.  My best friend started this Instagram account (she’s going to becoming a phenomenon) called @stefanieupsidedowncake where she only posts pictures of people (and things) upside down.  And it’s my new mission to do a handstand and make it on her feed!
  • I decided to straighten my hair the other day and couldn’t believe how long it is.  I mean I know this is so unexciting to everyone else…but it makes me want to do a happy dance and never stop.
  • I’m sort of obsessed with salsa right now.  Rick Bayless’ mild red salsa to be exact.  I just keep putting it on everything…eggs, chicken, burgers, a spoon…to name a few.  It’s becoming a problem.
  • I just found out I like oysters!  I tried them a few years ago with horseradish (which I hate) and I decided I hated oysters.  And then I gave them another shot the other night sans horseradish and am now completely obsessed.
  • Since it’s summer and there are no TV shows on (except 24 of course) I’ve really gotten into this show on HGTV called Fixer Upper.  It’s so addictive.  And the girl looks like Pocahontas which is obviously the main reason I watch it.
  • True story…as a tween I was completely obsessed with Pocahontas.  Like I had a Pocahontas bedspread, curtains, sheets, stuffed animals…and trading cards.  I was one seriously cool kid.
  • My whole family is in Alaska right now…and I’m so jealous I’m not there with them.  I’ve been wearing my snow boots around the house just to ease the pain.
  • And finally…I think I killed my succulent.  Which is really upsetting because who kills a succulent?!?!  The whole point is that they can basically live through anything!??!  I think it’s time to give up on my dream of becoming a gardener.


random thoughts of the day

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