9 going on 90.

I was sitting up on the roof…watching Goose run around sniffing every single planter box.  He want from one to the other marking his territory.  Finally he made his way over to the couch and hopped up on my lap.  He wiggled down into the smallest crevice and snuggled into his favorite spot.  My lap.  I petted him as so much of his hair floated off into the night air.  I love my dog but man does he shed.  Someone asked how old he was and as I went to say 9…I realized we are inching closer and closer to 10.  My little puppy.  This little canine that used to fit in the palm of my hand.  Who for almost a decade has loved nothing more than to be by my side.  Literally.  Who will do anything it takes for food and a spot on the couch next to me.  Because that’s all that he needs to be happy.  Me.  I thought back over all our good times…and lots and lots of bad times…I’m not exactly the world’s best dog trainer.  And while his old age has made him much grumpier and whole lot more snugglier…he’s still my little puppy.


The same puppy that looked up at me with those giant eyes in a crate full of pug puppies and I knew he was meant to be mine.  Who has been there literally through every single good day and bad day.  Who has licked my tears away and danced to endless Taylor Swift songs with me in the kitchen.  Even if it is against his will.  The same puppy who follows be into every room in the house.  Even if it means getting stepped on in the process.  Who snores louder than most humans and will do anything for just a little taste of peanut butter.  He may be an old man now…but he’s my old man.  And for the rest of my life (because yes that’s how long he is going to live)…I will never be complete without this little guy literally by my side.


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  • Janet Wakefield - September 28, 2014 - 6:22 pm

    Ahh Goose – we love you so much – just think, he got a Christmas stocking before G, I’m just sayin.ReplyCancel

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