The Universe: The Mundane

“Possessing the audacity to do the mundane while expecting miracles to come from it, explains every heroic and supernatural feat known to humankind.

    The Universe”


I’m a big picture girl.  I disregard the right now because I know what’s possible.  I see what something can be so what it is…honestly doesn’t matter to me.  Take my life for instance…I am living in a state of basically chaos.  My house is in boxes.  My husband is living 3 hours away.  I have to move out of my house with nowhere to move into to.  It’s a shit show.  But I can see why it’s worth it.  I can picture those summer nights spent out on our deck.  I can see my nieces playing in our backyard and all the friends that will spend weekends in our guest room.  I can so vividly imagine what that will feel like that all the in between vanishes.  There’s a lot of crap that has to happen in the next few months to get to that point.  A lot of unknowns and not ideals…but the end result is what makes it all OK.


And to me…business is no different.  There’s a big picture out there that is outstanding.  All these big, audacious goals that are borderline psychotic, but yet there is something inside me that just knows…they will happen.  I just have this unrelenting gut feeling that all the big things swirling around in my head will become a reality.  But the right now?  It’s not so exciting.  The every day grind.  The worry of will I book enough weddings?  The fear that I’m running a shoe business that may ultimately be a flop.  The bank account that stares back at my asking why I don’t have more money saved.  The no’s and the slammed doors and the rejection.  The struggle is real.  But it’s just that.  It’s living in the mundane not because you have to but because you believe so whole-heartedly in what you are doing that no task will ever be too small.  No amount of work will ever be enough until you get where are going.  It’s not waiting around for something to come to you…it’s putting in the work day in and day out so you can go after it.


Most days I have no clue what I’m doing.  How to take that first tiny step towards something really gigantic.  There are nights I lay in bed staring at the ceiling wondering if I’m delusional to think I can do it all.  But every morning…I get up and I try.  I do the best that I can with what I have and so far…I’m still kickin’.   So if you’re anything like me…and the drive is what gets you out of bed in the morning.  Remember that the work you put in today is what gets you tomorrow.  And that big picture you’re running towards…it’s not as far away as you think.


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