5pm or bust!


I’m going to be honest.  Memorial Day weekend in Indy is the best weekend of the year.  You think Christmas is exciting?!?!  Try being a Hoosier on the greatest weekend of the year.  I mean if this tells you anything…I, a wedding photographer, don’t work on Memorial Day weekend.  Usually the most popular weekend of the year.  Because it’s just that great I can’t miss it.  So needless to say this week has been NUTSO!  I made to-do lists by the day so I was sure I was on track to get myself to Friday.  Monday…edit, pay bills, work out, got to Walmart.  I had no idea moving here would mean I would spend so much time at Walmart.  Tuesday…edit, book flights, Costco.  You get the idea.  The beginning of the week seemed so promising…I was right on schedule.  But then between some unexpected obligations….things breaking around our house…and who knows what else I’m finally to Friday and I have more to do than can possibly fit in one day.  I mean my grocery list is two pages.  Real life people!  But nonetheless…today will happen one way or another and the best weekend ever will commence!


We have a house full of friends coming which makes me want to explode with happiness.  As soon as 5pm hits today it’s officially a holiday in the old Hoosier state and ‘this girl‘ is pumped.  Until then I will be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  Literally.  It might be a Chardonooner kind of day.


Make sure you follow along with all the shenanigans on Instagram (@lwakephoto).  Hilarity will ensue.  See you Tuesday!!!!!!!


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