The Instagram struggle.


If you’ve been around here for a while you know my feelings on the facade that is social media.  I can’t stand the curated lives that people put out there to try and prove that life is somehow this perfect package when that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I know my life is by no means perfect.  90% of the time I’m not wearing makeup.  Half my house is empty because we didn’t have enough furniture and don’t have enough money to furnish it.  There’s at least 10 socks behind my dryer I’m too lazy to get out.  The struggle is real people!  But…here comes the but.  🙂  I’m also a business owner who takes pretty photos for a living.  So how do I balance that?  Instagram has grown tremendously as a business tool and more and more brides are finding potential photographers via Instagram.  So for a while I found myself holding back when I wanted to post something because what if a bride came to my feed…I don’t want this to be the first thing she sees.  Or I don’t want too many dog pictures or niece pictures or you get the idea.  So I struggled for a while with how to balance that and ultimately landed on starting a new photo only Instagram account (can I get an amen for the toggle feature!!!).  Best of both worlds!  My crazy, messy, unfiltered life will still be going on over at @lwakephoto.  And I’ve started @laurenwakefieldphoto as a home for all things photography.


So choose your poison…or if you really love me you can follow both!  I recommend the latter.  🙂


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