The Valentine’s goodbye I didn’t see coming. . .


I’m not a big Valentine’s person.  I always try to do something sweet on that day but I’ve never felt like this was the ONE day where Gary HAS to show me HOW much he loves me…or else.  We usually come up with a little plan.  Something simple because let’s be real…I’m a wedding photographer and I’m almost always broke on Valentine’s Day.  He always picks me out the perfect card (I mean seriously…it’s always exactly perfect to where we are in our life.  Meanwhile…mine says something like – you’re cute, take off your clothes.  Wife of the year guys.) and we come up with something yummy to cook for dinner.  Shows are watched and we’re typically in bed by 10.  Party.  Animals.


That’s pretty much exactly what happened this year.  Dinner in our pjs, tacos, splitting one giant Reese’s heart (holy stomach ache) and closing down the night with some serious binge watching of The Office.  Here is where this Valentine’s takes a turn for the abnormal.  We’re half way through season 7 and by now Gary and I are full on obsessed with this show.  Not just a little…a lot a lot!  And when you’re watching on Netflix it just keeps playing and you never really know how deep you are until you’re past the point of no return.  So last night, we’re lying in bed watching our favorite show.  And boom.  The Goodbye, Michael Scott episode.


WHY!?  WHY did no one warn me about this???  I mean I knew he left before the show was over but couldn’t someone have given me even the slightest hint that my heart was going to get ripped out and stomped on and broken into a million pieces?!?!  For the entire 36 minutes I felt like my best friend was leaving me and it was too much to handle.  I legitimately spent a solid half hour real-crying over a fictional character leaving a show.  So much so my pillow was wet and I had to turn it over before I went to sleep.  I mean that last scene with Pam chasing him down and watching him take off?!?!  If I’m being honest…I’m still sad about it.  Like more than I think I should be.  So yeah, Valentine’s isn’t important to me but it will now forever live on as the day Michael Scott – and The Office – ruined my life.


Ok, mildly dramatic – but for real!?!  Can anyone out there relate!?!?  I realize I’m like six years late but the struggle IS REAL!  Ok, I’m going to stop yelling now.  Also…Gary and I took zero photos yesterday (another fail) so I’m leaving you with this adorable picture of my other Valentine’s – of the miniature variety.  🙂 <3



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