Fashion Friday : Color

I’ve been focusing a lot lately on my brand.  I heard the amazing Promise Tangeman speak recently and she made me look at branding in a whole new way.   I have to be honest…it is quite possibly one of the most frustrating processes on the planet!  Trying to figure out what colors, textures, styles define you in so incredibly hard.  But I’m working at it…with much help from Pinterest…one step at time.  One of the things I’ve been really trying to nail down lately is color.  Right now…my brand is basically black and white…but when I sit back and think about it…black and white isn’t me at all.   I’m not sure why, but I have such a hard time with color.  Envisioning color palettes…defining what colors are “me”…it’s all very hard for me.   One of the things I learned from Promise is to look at your style.  What colors do you see most in your closet?  What colors to you wear the most?  So I thought today on Fashion Friday I would do a little fashion branding.  I have found this to be an AMAZING way to define my color palette and see what it is that makes up my style.  While I don’t have it nailed down yet…it’s getting there…


Branding your stlye



Color Pallettes




branding for photographers


For any photographer…or anyone for that matter…I promise this is a great way to get your branding off to a good start.  If you’re not into Polyvore…find a picture of you in your favorite outfit…or an outfit that really represents your style…and sample the colors from it.   You’ll see everything come together right before your eyes…

Happy Fashion Friday!


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  • shannon-may - July 8, 2011 - 4:34 pm

    lauren! this is fantastic. i was just chatting with another photog about this yesterday and was commenting on how my website and blog and everything about my “brand” is so not me or what i really envision!! thankfully i have some great friends who have a great eye for design and colour and all things cool and who know me really well! they are going to sit down with me next do some brain storming and this post is going to help me heaps!!ReplyCancel

    • laurenwakefield - July 8, 2011 - 4:44 pm

      Yay! Glad I could help. I’m in the same boat sister…I can’t wait to see what you come up with….ReplyCancel

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