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    Three Years.

    Three years.  I was talking to this lady the other day and telling her about how Gary and I were going on aView full post »

Monthly Archives: November 2014

Gary had run out to get my coffee…because…well…it was my birthday.  And this was a huge deal because Gary HATES getting me Starbucks.  He thinks my order is so complicated but he obviously doesn’t know how complicated it could be.  I got in the car when he pulled up and as I sat down…he opened […]

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to put this day in to words and all I can seem to come up with is perfect.  Between the beautifully sunny day we got in November…which is so rare.  The amazing ceremony where choir voices filled a church so grand it was felt by everyone.  All the […]

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I’ve known I needed one for…well…longer than I care to admit.  My laptop has been on it’s last leg for some time now but I could never bring myself to bite the bullet.  Even though it was taking 12 seconds for every photo to load in Lightroom and everything would freeze every other click…I had […]

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