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    Three Years.

    Three years.  I was talking to this lady the other day and telling her about how Gary and I were going on aView full post »

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I’m a firm believer that a brand is so much more than just a logo.  It is a look…a feel…an experience.  It is everything from your attitude to your color scheme to the way to carry yourself every single day.  Facebook, blogs, emails, phone conversations, coffee preference…all make up the pieces of your brand.  And […]

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I’ve been focusing a lot lately on my brand.  I heard the amazing Promise Tangeman speak recently and she made me look at branding in a whole new way.   I have to be honest…it is quite possibly one of the most frustrating processes on the planet!  Trying to figure out what colors, textures, styles define […]

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I know I have been seriously MIA the last couple days.   I came down with a viscous sickness that had me out of commission.    I was in a deep Nyquil induced slumber for most of the weekend and I am just now starting to feel myself.  And I must say I am feeling quite rested.  […]

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