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When I think back to last year’s Turning Tides Retreat…butterflies immediately take over my stomach and shivers run down my spine.  When we came up with this crazy idea…we had no clue what to expect.  What the good…the bad…and the really good would be.  Who we would meet.  Who’s lives we would change and even more-so…who would change ours?  It was something we believed in with all our hearts and trusted that if we gave it everything we had…it would be something really special.  And that was exactly what it was.


So when we sat down to talk about doing it again…there were a lot of emotions.  Worry that we couldn’t top how magical that week ended up being.  Excitement about getting the chance to do it all over again.  Nervousness that no one would sign up.  But most importantly was passion.  The passion that all three of us have for this little part of the world we created.  And just like the first time…I know that passion is going to make the 2nd Annual Turning Tides retreat something special.


We’ve got some pretty exciting changes coming this year and I get giddy thinking about everything this year will be.  We’ve made some tweaks and today we are officially re-opening registration for the 2nd Annual Turning Tides Retreat.  There are so many new and exciting things in store for next year.  New relationships to be made.  New dreams we can all work together to help come true.  I have no doubt that it is going to be better than ever.  To keep the intimate nature of this retreat we are limiting the space to 9 seats.  And right now we are offering an early bird discount for $150 off your seat.  Click here to reserve your spot and get them before they are gone!!!


Here are all the details:

2nd Annual Turning Tides Retreat

August 18th-21st, 2014

A lakehouse just for us at Lake Magician

Sister’s Lake Michigan




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To help give you an idea of what this retreat is really all about…here are a few things last year’s attendees had to say:


Libby McGowan wrote:

“I’ve kept a lot of my trip to Turning Tides quiet. To me it was something very special almost sacred. I met amazing women, opened myself up more than I ever thought I would and came away a goal setter with a richer life for having experienced these four days. If you’re looking for something more than just a “workshop” full of shutter speeds and what gear you MUST have and wanting something more…something deeper…something soulful to turn your tides. This is it… Could not recommend it more! Lauren, Jessica and Christy are three amazing women who want to build you up, see you achieve and prosper. Amazing Experience.”


Nicole Lender wrote:

“Being a military wife, my “home” is constantly moving from place to place. Not only does my home move, but my photography business moves with it. Before Turning Tides, I was at a standstill with my business, and to be completely honest – I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to continue pursuing it. I didn’t have the motivation and I didn’t have the financial or marketing skills necessary to keep my business moving forward. Most importantly, I didn’t have confidence in myself.

Turning Tides completely changed my outlook – not only on my business but on life in general. A little advice for future attendees: bring tissues because you will cry your little hearts out. You will find out what it means to be vulnerable and open to letting go of the fears that consume you and keep you from being your best, authentic self with your business and your personal life.

The more honest I was, the more people connected with me. Open your heart! Do not let fear define who you are. It has been nearly five months since I attended TTR and I have been overwhelmed with the number of clients (and strangers, too!) who have taken the time to personally message me and tell me how much they appreciate my openness and authenticity. If I had never been given the opportunity to go to Turning Tides, those messages would have never came. My work/blog would not have become the open book that it is in letting my emotions out on the table – in writing and in photos.

This retreat is not just for photographers. It is for creatives, it is for the incredibly huge fears in the back of your mind, it is for people who want to get absolutely honest with themselves. Turning Tides Retreat doesn’t just end when you pack up your bags and leave the beautiful house by the lake. It will change your life and you will have a support system to lean on for years to come.”


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We can’t wait to meet you!!!!!!!!!


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