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I remember meeting Sidne and thinking she was so edgy and intimidating.  Like the kind of girl you are afraid to talk to because she obviously will hate you.  She had giant holes in her ears with spikes next to them and looked so much more like a photographer than I ever would.  It was our first day of Photo 1…the day I met my best friend.


Over the years Sidne has evolved from that scary girl in Photo 1 to not only my best friend…but an incredible woman who I am so honored to get to do life with.  She’s one of those people that is good at EVERYTHING.  And I mean everything.  She’s one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met…there for you in a second if you need it.  And sometimes even when you don’t.  When she loves you…you know it.  And she loves with everything she has.  She’s beautiful to the core (as well as on the outside.  I mean let’s be honest…she’s a bombshell).  She’s an amazing friend, business partner, girlfriend, dog mom, daughter…and an incredible woman who I am so grateful to have as my partner in crime.





I’m a procrastinator.
I’m writing this blog post just hours before Lauren will post.
In college, sometimes I would skip a class in order to finish a paper for the following class.


I hate being late but I’m never on time.


I am terrible at keeping in touch.
The majority of my friends have moved away.
It makes me very sad.


I often allow myself to be taken advantage of professionally.

This one is hard to explain.

Just know that it’s true, and I’m trying very hard to make sure it doesn’t happen anymore.

I always say yes – and end up over scheduling. I agree and agree and leave little time for myself.

Or, I’m always rushing around like a madwoman to get things done.


Sometimes I sweat the small stuff.


I curse like a sailor and a trucker had a baby and named her Sidne.


I hated by body most of my life – not because I was overweight – but underweight.
I was a ballerina, so I was bony and very muscular.
I hated my legs. And my spine. And my elbows. And my feet.
I shopped in the boys department because girl clothes didn’t fit. I was too tall and skinny.
And now, I’m 30. And holy shit.
I would give anything to be 15 and bony again. With a 6-pack and 0% body fat.


When I get mad (reallllly mad) I cry.
This infuriates me.


I’m terrible at expressing my feelings.


I have never had a 10 year plan.
I’ve never even had a 5 year plan.
Someday I might regret that.


I’ve never dreamed of my future wedding, husband, children, career, etc.


I love babies but have never wanted one of my own. I know someday this may change, and that scares the shit out of me.
I am far too selfish to share my life with a needy kid.
And I don’t feel that I should feel guilty about that.


I hope to someday win the lottery but never buy a ticket.


I often fear that I’m not “good enough” at___ for___ with___ (Just fill in the blank)


I have a passion for books.
The way they feel, the way they smell…
But I rarely read.


I am the most indecisive person – ever.
Just ask anyone I know.


My “bucket list” is far too long for my lifetime and that is depressing to say the least.


All that being said,
I may be happier now than I have ever been.
Go figure.
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