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The first word that comes to my mind when I think about Heather is magnetic.  From the first time I met her at our Turning Tides Retreat I instantly wanted to be around her.  She draws you in and within seconds you can tell that there is something so incredibly special about her.  She’s genuine and candid and takes a sincere interest in the people around her.  Her creative spirit is something that not only attracts you to her but inspires you to your very core.  To be honest, I don’t get to be around Heather as much as I’d like because she lives on the other side of the country…but somehow, no matter how little we talk, I know she always has my back.  And watching her grow into exactly who she is meant to be has been so incredible.  She’s not only coaching women to be their truest and happiest selves…but I truly believe she is creating a movement.  This girl is changing lives and is without a doubt my #wcw.





I get such immeasurable joy out of coaching women to find their juiciest love — helping them to fall in love with themselves, to fall in love with their lives, and to bring in their best love and relationships.  My heart leaps, the grin spreads across my face, and I do a giddy little dance of joy when one of my clients has that a-ha moment that suddenly shines the light of love on her self, on her Soul, on her path, and on what she deserves in her relationship.  When I can hear the ‘squeal’ in the words of her email, thanking me for this new-found joy in her being, in feeling truly seen and cherished by her man for the first time, or in allowing herself to see her own beauty in photographs for the first time.


I know why they call these our “gifts.”  Yes, I am grateful that this is an ability I’ve been given, and that I continue to nurture and grow year after year — to listen, to support, to encourage, and to help unleash the power of my fellow goddesses — but they call these ‘gifts’ because I feel like I am on the receiving end of the sparkliest, most glittery one every time I am able to be a conduit for Love for another woman.


I’m truly, madly, head over heels in love with this path.


But — while I feel so honored to hold the torch for these ladies, as they follow the path to their most beautiful love and lives — I want them all to know, to really really know, that, even with my training and practice and my ability to stand for them, I still bump my head on the low days and the rough edges of my own life, and I am right beside them in forging MY most beautiful love and life.


I stumble.  I have hiccups.  I forget my self-love so much that I consider letting this seven extra pounds keep me from basking in a weekend at the lake with girlfriends.

I cry when I feel overwhelmed.

I have moments when I let Fear get the better of me (and I fight it all. the. time).

I feel alone sometimes, even surrounded by loved ones, because I feel like the weirdo most of the time.

I’m constantly insecure about my photography — even though it fills me and brings me and my clients joy.

I’m so sensitive that I feel it is my greatest trait AND my most difficult flaw.

When big, giant things are happening in my life, I pull in — true to my Piscean nature, this little fishie swims out to the deep, deep parts of her ocean where you can’t find her, until I’m ready to come play in the sunshiny shallows again.

I wish I were funnier.  And more intelligent.  And taller, and skinnier, and that my ears weren’t weird.  But I still love myself madly, even when I’m also mentally punching myself.

I procrastinate like a world champion. (Just ask Lauren how close to her deadline I submitted this post.)


And if they saw the ridiculous state of certain parts of my life, they’d wonder how I get anything done:

I currently have approximately 23 books that I have started and have yet to finish.  I seem to feel about ‘fresh books’ the way I feel about macarons: “(Gasp!) Oh, look!! Oooooooh, that one looks amazing, I have to have that one too!”  I do have the very best intentions of reading all of them, but I honestly don’t know how anybody expects me to finish a book when there are so many NEW ones all the time.

‘Hot mess’ is really the only way to describe the state of my car.  I keep meaning to clean it, and then I shrug it off.  I’m *almost* to the point of not feeling embarrassed about it anymore… but not quite.

There is a stack of canvases just waiting for the touch of my paintbrush — and countless ideas for paintings — and they’ve both been hanging out in the corner waiting for me for at least 2 years.

I have so many ideas, and so many things I want to do, and — like the half-finished books that surround me — I’ll often start them, make some headway, and then launch myself into the next idea before I finish.  (The one exception so far has been Love Coaching + Photography — which tells me I’m truly meant to be doing it.)

I have mail still going to my last two addresses because I simply can’t seem to get around to updating it.  I even have a couple things still going to my parents’ house, where I haven’t lived since 1994.

The sheer amount of cat hair along the edges of my home is both a sign of how frequently I vacuum and how patient my man is with me.

My personal Gmail inbox is currently at…. let’s see…. 5,164 unread emails.  UNREAD.  Also like books, I tend to subscribe to a stupid amount of newsletters and then seem to only read about .07% of them.  I think that I believe the business and marketing and spiritual learning will happen through virtual osmosis.


It still feels terrifyingly like being naked and jumping out of an airplane whenever I post a part of my heart and soul on the internet.  I am not sure I’ll ever get used to the ‘naked skydiving,’ but I will keep doing it (as I’m doing now) with the intention of spreading Love, letting my Soul shine, calling to my tribe, and letting every woman know that she can do it too…

She can be just as ridiculous and just as weird, and she can still let herself shine.


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  • Kristen - July 22, 2015 - 4:53 pm

    Great post! I don’t know you but I smiled the whole time reading this, partly because it was so genuine and vulnerable and partly because at least half of those things describe me, from feeling different down to the crazy car and cat fur everywhere! Have a wonderful day!!ReplyCancel

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