I’m sure you are all reading this ready to jump through the computer screen and punch me in the face.  Like…where’s the big announcement Lauren?!!?  But I PROMISE it is coming TODAY!!!!!  Like all the best things in life…it always takes a little more than expected to get there.  So I pinky swear that Sid and I are running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to make sure everything is PERFECT.  Tying everything up into pretty little bows…polishing off the last few details…and getting ready to once and for all let this big, awesome, secret project out!!!


So…check back in a few hours…because today is going to be epic.


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Well it’s finally here!  The week of the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Sid and I have been working like crazy (and sleeping basically not at all) to make sure everything is perfect for Wednesday.  I am beyond excited to share our big secret with the world but right now…we have SO much left to do.  I just wanted to hop on here and say that the blog is going to be a little quiet over the next few days while we prep for Wednesday…but don’t forget to check back on the first to find our what we’ve been up to.  I can promise you…you’re not going to want to miss it.


But for now I’ll leave you with another little peek.  And I promise all these teases will make sense in just a few short days.  Until then…


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(Photos by Tami Paige  |  Makeup but Anjelica Bannos)

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    SO EXCITED for you ladies!!! ❤️ReplyCancel

I was sitting up on the roof…watching Goose run around sniffing every single planter box.  He want from one to the other marking his territory.  Finally he made his way over to the couch and hopped up on my lap.  He wiggled down into the smallest crevice and snuggled into his favorite spot.  My lap.  I petted him as so much of his hair floated off into the night air.  I love my dog but man does he shed.  Someone asked how old he was and as I went to say 9…I realized we are inching closer and closer to 10.  My little puppy.  This little canine that used to fit in the palm of my hand.  Who for almost a decade has loved nothing more than to be by my side.  Literally.  Who will do anything it takes for food and a spot on the couch next to me.  Because that’s all that he needs to be happy.  Me.  I thought back over all our good times…and lots and lots of bad times…I’m not exactly the world’s best dog trainer.  And while his old age has made him much grumpier and whole lot more snugglier…he’s still my little puppy.


The same puppy that looked up at me with those giant eyes in a crate full of pug puppies and I knew he was meant to be mine.  Who has been there literally through every single good day and bad day.  Who has licked my tears away and danced to endless Taylor Swift songs with me in the kitchen.  Even if it is against his will.  The same puppy who follows be into every room in the house.  Even if it means getting stepped on in the process.  Who snores louder than most humans and will do anything for just a little taste of peanut butter.  He may be an old man now…but he’s my old man.  And for the rest of my life (because yes that’s how long he is going to live)…I will never be complete without this little guy literally by my side.


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goose, dogs, pugs, pug life, life with pugs_002

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As I’ve mentioned before…my computer is broken.  Like really broken.  My hatred for the little color spinny wheel is turning me border-line psychotic to the point that the idea to throw my computer across the room has crossed my mind.  More then once.  But last week I drove to Indy so my brother could once and for all fix this headache.  He’s super techy no I knew he would be able to figure out the problem.  When I got there I laid my computer on the counter and begged him to cure it.  He opened it up and started whatever it is he does.  After a few minutes he reported back that nothing was wrong.  He opened up all my programs and nothing froze which means there is nothing he can fix.  I jumped up and ran over to prove to him there is most definitely something wrong!  I started editing photos and culling just to show him what happens.  And nothing.  It worked flawlessly.  In that moment I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or incredibly pissed off that all this time nothing had been wrong.  We concluded that all my problems were because I work mainly off external hard drives and they are slowing everything down so I should work from my Mac itself and all will be fixed.


As annoyed as I was that I could have done that all along…I was super excited to have a working computer again.  On Friday when I got home I couldn’t wait to have a work day where I wasn’t constantly losing my mind.  I sat down…moved all my work onto my Mac so I wasn’t using my hard drives and started editing away.  I swear to you…it wasn’t minutes after I started that the little devil wheel appeared.  I did everything he said.  No hard drives were plugged in…and the wheel was back.  Taunting me.  Laughing in my face because apparently this little multi-colored demon doesn’t travel to Indianapolis.  It just sits in my office and waits for me to have a ton of work to do and then jumps up and slaps me in the face.  Repeatedly.  So my cured computer isn’t so cured.  And I am still equally as close to throwing it against the wall.  But hey…if this isn’t an excuse to buy a new computer…I don’t know what is.


And you guessed it…due to my random story about evil color wheels and broken computers…it’s another installment of random thoughts of the day!

  • Newsflash: my computer is broken.  Which means it has taken approximately five times as long as it should to write this post.  I realize it’s 8am…but it’s 5:00 somewhere.
  • Today marks the home stretch for our secret project launch…which means from now until October 1st I will consist of equal parts coffee and wine.  With a sprinkle of tequila.  I’ll sleep when I’m dead.
  • Our UPS man keeps throwing our packages over the fence into our front yard…and it’s a pretty tall fence.  So I am on a secret mission to camp out and catch him in the act.  Then I’m going to go all ninja on him and show him who’s boss.  Which in reality means I will politely ask him to not throw our packages over the fence anymore.
  • Kenny’s new album came out yesterday…and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.  He just gets me.
  • Ever since my hair has grown back…I can’t stop buying hair products.  It’s kind of a problem.  There are days I actually put them all in my hair at the same time just to see what happens.  #havinghairisawesome
  • Gary and I did yoga for the first time on Sunday…and we’re kind of into it.  We even have mats.  Mine is pink.  :)
  • The Crossfire series that I became SO obsessed with earlier this year just announced the release date of it’s newest book.  I seriously cannot wait.
  • TV is back…which makes me want to jump and and down while simultaneously singing…HAAAAAAAAA-LELUIA!  So many shows…so little time.
  • Gary and I got the new iPhone 6…and let me tell you.  A piece of technology has never made me feel so cool.  Granted I upgraded from the iPhone 4 which means I’m basically living in the future now.
  • Gwen Stefani is a new judge on the voice…which has only escalated my girl crush on her to a full scale obsession.  #imjustagirl
  • And finally…the other day…I was driving down the highway and a butterfly hit my windshield and it exploded glitter.  Either that or I killed Tinkerbell.  #oops


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I woke up this morning to a perfectly chilled room.  We left the windows open last night and the fall air made for the most perfect sleep.  I pulled the fluffy comforter up around my head and snuggled in a little closer to Gary.  It was just too good to get up.  I laid there soaking up the toastiness under the covers and thinking.  Like most mornings…my mind immediately starts going a million miles an hour as soon as my eyes open.  I thought about a lot of things…but for some reason kept coming back to the changing of the seasons.  How with each shift in temperature there is this unsaid permission to start fresh.  To regroup…dust off everything that’s been hiding in the back of your closet and go for it.


As a gust of crisp air rolled across my face…I remembered last fall.  That moment in the year when you know summer has officially packed it’s bags and scarves are now an every day necessity.  But more than pumpkin spice lattes and camel colored boots…I thought about where I was in life.  This time last year I hit a pretty low point.  I was in this funk that for some reason I couldn’t get out of.  My business wasn’t growing the way I thought it would.  Every blog I wrote felt forced and like a waste of everyone’s time.  And I felt trapped.  Really trapped.  Like I was sitting in a room with 4 foot ceilings and I wanted nothing more than to just stand up.  As tall as I possibly could.  For months I let this funk take over.  I spent entire days curled up on the couch…avoiding work because no matter what I did it didn’t seem to help.  I spent money I didn’t have because it made me feel like I did.  And I watched as the rest of the world ride their dreams off into the sunset while I let mine fail.


I just sort of gave up.  I went through the motions…doing the day to day…but to me it felt like I was marching in place instead of taking even the tiniest step forward.  Fast forward to this year and wedding season started (and not to mention my wedding).  Shooting my first wedding of the year woke something up in me and slowly that funk started to fade.  And as busy season took over I realized it wasn’t my wedding photography business that was failing.  It was me.  Deep down in the pit of my stomach I knew there was something else.  Something more.  Something I was meant to be doing that I just hadn’t figured out yet.  It would pull and nag at me but when I would quiet my mind enough to try to figure out what it was…it was too hard or scary and I would immediately shut it off.  Bury it even deeper down so it would never come out.  And so it never did.


Until now.  Until I metaphorically shook myself until I had no choice but to snap out of it.  To stop being afraid and be the Lauren that I whole-heartedly knew I could be.  I let my mind and ideas go places that I never knew existed…or was to scared to admit they did.  I pushed through the hard stuff and the doubt and the ‘no-ways’ and went for it.  I broke down steel walls and told that little voice in my head to shove it and went after it.  And I realized something.  The most diffucult things.  Those things that frustrate you to no end because they are hard.  Really hard.  The ideas that you don’t even dare mutter out loud.  The dreams that you want to turn around and sprint away from.  Those are the exact things you should be doing.  The struggle…the angst…the fear.  Those are the things that tell you you are exactly where you need to be.  On the right track towards everything you know is possible.


I have no idea what this next chapter is going to bring.  It could be huge…it could fall flat on it’s face.  But I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will never give up.  I will keep pushing until I’m standing taller than I ever knew was possible.  Because if there is one thing I know for absolute certain…there will always be another season.  Another chance to start fresh.  And another chance to go for it.


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