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    Three Years.

    Three years.  I was talking to this lady the other day and telling her about how Gary and I were going on aView full post »


What do you get when you combine a perfect Indiana day, an apple orchard and the sweetest couple you could ever imagine.  Kristy and Nick’s perfect wedding day.  I loved the how much sentimentality their day held.  From getting ready in Kristy’s childhood home to the first look in the apple orchard her dad planted by hand.  Every touch was so thoughtful and made their day even more special.  It was full of friends and family and so much love.  I feel so lucky to get to work with people that make my job so easy and effortless.  Kristy and Nick…thank you for letting me be a part of your day.  It was magical.  I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness.  <3



When you move to a new place (or in my case an old place that is all the sudden new again)…making friends is hard.  A part you kind of goes through that whole high school thing where you are trying desperately to see where you fit in and just pray that you don’t end up eating alone at the lunch table.  Luckily for me I have the world’s best sister-in-law who took me under her wing and introduced me to some truly awesome people.  A year ago I would have sworn to you I’d never make friends and was going to drink wine alone on my patio forever.  But as I sit here now, I feel so incredibly lucky to have made some really amazing friends.  One of which is Meghan.  Who is quite possibly the kindest, sweetest person alive.  So when Kaitlyn was born and she asked me to take newborn photos I was not only so excited but incredibly flattered.  Their family couldn’t be more perfect and I’m so honored that I got to document this perfect time in their lives.  Without further adieu…meet Kaitlyn.



Having a big brother is sort like a badge of honor.  You make it through the formidable years with a few dents and dings (possibly a few broken bones but that’s a story for another day) – but you end up with something that no one else in the world could ever be to you.  It’s like somehow along the way this person who beat you up and stole all your treats becomes some weird mixture of best friend and family that is just the best.  The only thing better that one big brother…is two.  Georgia doesn’t even know it yet but she will be the most loved, protected, probably beat up a little too…but treasured little girl in the world.  And she will love those boys with everything she has.


Georgie girl…you are a little angel and have made your family perfectly complete.  Keep those boys wrapped around your little finger and never forget that your brothers love you more than anything.  🙂



Three years.  I was talking to this lady the other day and telling her about how Gary and I were going on a little getaway for our Anniversary.  She asked how long we had been married and I said three years.  She made a sound sort of like…oooooo-wwwweeeee…followed by…the first three years are the hardest.  Once you make it past three years, you’re golden.  I silently laughed to myself because I’m pretty sure someone has said that exact same thing to me about year one and year two.  And something tells me they will be saying it at year 4, 5 and 60 because what they really want to say is…girl, marriage is hard.  Congrats on another year.


Because that’s what needs to be said.  Congratulations on another @&$#-ing year.  Because this is hard.  Really hard.  And maybe there are people out there that live in these blissful marriages where everything is great all the time and their world is full of unicorns and butterflies.  But not my world.  And honestly, not anyone I’ve ever talked to.  Everyone is struggling through something but for some reason no one talks about it.  Which I get.  Who wants to air their dirty laundry?  But doesn’t it suck to feel so alone?  Like you’re the only one in the world who isn’t living out this perfect love story?  I struggled with that for a long time (and to be honest, still do).  That feeling like you aren’t measuring up.  Like you somehow have failed at this figurative expectation you’ve set for yourself?


But here’s the truth as I see it right now in this moment.  Today, Gary and I celebrate three years of marriage.  Three long, hard, huge, amazing years of marriage.  I didn’t throw the amazing in there just for shits and giggles.  Because to me, it’s the only part that matters.  Living a life with someone is a very big thing.  And big things aren’t easy.  Building something out of nothing and pushing and pulling your way to where you ultimately want to be.  Tackling the hard stuff and celebrating the good.  Basking in the in-betweens every chance you get.  It’s like this intricately choreographed dance that when you step back and look at it, is really beautiful.


I could have easily written ten paragraphs about all the reasons I love Gary and how great our life is and it all would have been true.  But what I want to remember when I look back on this post in one year, ten years, 50 years…is we are doing it.  We are picking each other up and doing the best we can.  And this dance that we’ve come to know as life…is honestly, pretty epic.


So babe, happy anniversary.  Thank you for loving me the way you do.  For pushing me to do the things I’m afraid to say out loud.  For believing in me when not an ounce of me believes in myself.  Thank you for always knowing exactly what I need and never saying no when I feel like sushi.  For patio nights and ice cream runs and always saying you love my face.  Even though I still adamantly believe that is not a valid compliment.  But most of all, congratulations on another year and thank you for all the things I know year four has in store.  I love you.  xo


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Have I mentioned I love being back in Indy?!  It has been so fun to connect with old friends and I absolutely love getting the chance to document so many new and exciting times in their lives!!  Stefanie and I went to high school together and…let’s just say a while ago because I still am not willing to admit just how many years have passed.  We used to sit in Chemistry class (shout out to Miss Champion) next to each other and literally never stopped laughing.  It was the best.  Fast forward to today and she’s expecting her first baby with her awesome husband, Casey…and catching up with her the other day was literally like no time has passed.  Crazy how that happens.  Anyways…here’s a few of my favorites from their session.  Stefanie and Casey…I’m so happy for you guys!!!!  xo


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