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It was part of the bundle so we opted for the alarm system.  Being home alone all day in a house that is mostly surrounded by woods kind of creeps me out…so I liked the idea of knowing I had some sort of protection.  I didn’t think I would like it at first, but every time a door opens or closes there is a ‘ding’.  So if I was in my office and someone snuck in the back door I would ideally hear them.  Not sure what I’m supposed to do once I hear them…but at least they can’t hide in my closet.


So…it was the middle of the day and I decided to take a shower.  I let Goose out, made sure all the doors were locked and went on my way.  I finished showering and had just put on my Lush Coffee Mask (which looks like someone spread you know what all over your face – but man it’s the best) when I heard the ding.  My body legitimately froze and started violently shaking all at the same time.  I grabbed my phone and opened the app which tells us what time every door was open and closed.  ‘Sliding door closed: 2:05′


It was 2:05.


I shut the bathroom door and put my arm up against it to block it.  Like that was going to stop this serial killer form getting to me.  I thanked the Lord that Goose was in there with me and immediately called Gary.  My voice was shaking like crazy when I told him how scared I was and that I heard the ding.  He also checked the app and was in his car on his way to me within seconds.  I sat in the corner of my bathroom…shaking, completely naked with a brown mask all over my face…waiting for my impending doom.  I mean it’s one thing to be scared someone is in your house…it’s another to be scared someone is in your house while you’re naked.  Finally, Gary called me back and told me the police were on their way.  I reminded him I was naked and was not leaving this bathroom to rectify that problem.


Long story short, Gary and the police arrived at the same time (thank God).  Just for reference, Gary works 20 minutes away.  He was home in about 10.  Turns out our alarm system had malfunctioned because the sliding door was closed and locked.  But man was that an intense 15 minutes.  Gary checked the whole house just to make me feel better and ultimately, our lives went on.  Except now, I am a total scaredy cat.  I think I watch too much Criminal Minds because a car drives by and all the sudden I’ve concocted this idea in my head that this person is casing my house and knows I’m here alone and is going to come back and break in while I’m in the shower.  Then he’s going to torture me and ultimately kill me unless the FBI arrives in time which one can only hope…but you know there’s always the girl in the beginning of the episode who doesn’t make it.  I just have to pray I’m the one at the end.  The struggle is real.


In honor of my fake but oh-s0-real life or death story…it’s another installment of  **drum roll please** Random Thoughts of the Day (try to contain your excitement)!


  • When I was little, my brother and I were at a family friend’s house while our parents all went out to dinner.  A real life person broke in that night and it was legitimately terrifying and to this day our parents don’t believe us.  But we’ll always know the truth.
  • And if anyone asks this will also be the story of when someone broke into my house – you know, for the shock factor.  😉
  • Back to that coffee mask…seriously the best ever.  Go buy it.
  • I think in my old age I have become a crier.  I blame This Is Us and Michael Scott leaving The Office.  So many emotions!!!!
  • Speaking of The Office – best. show. ever!
  • I went through like 571 way to make coffee in the morning.  I was hell-bent on figuring out how to make the best coffee possible.  Pour over.  French press.  Finally landed on a good-‘ol fashioned coffee maker and Folgers.  I guess you just don’t mess with the classics.
  • Katharine told me the other day that I am in the center of her heart – and even when she’s old we can still play together.  I literally don’t think I could love something more (Emmy too).   I also think she might only love me because I bring her candy.
  • To anyone that hasn’t tried Halo Top ice cream…go buy it right now!  It’s delicious and you can *technically* eat the whole pint and not feel bad about yourself.  PSA: stay away from Mint Chocolate Chip…it tastes like toothpaste.
  • We had a mouse.  In our house.  A real…live…mouse.  And Gary decided not to tell me that he woke up one morning and saw it run across our kitchen counter.  He waited an ENTIRE DAY until he caught it to share that little tidbit.  I can’t decide if I love him or hate him for that.
  • I’ve been working on this Wedding Guide for my couples over the last month.  Talk about so. much. work!  If anyone would like to proofread it before I print it I would be forever grateful.
  • Oh…how about this crazy February weather we’re having!  I have been driving around with my windows open, eating outside and not wearing a coat.  I’m super stoked about it and also a little concerned for our planet.
  • I started watching Big Little Lies last night (read the book first if you haven’t) and so far am very impressed.  Highly reccommend it.
  • I’m off to take a shower….but setting the alarm first.  Obviously.




I’m not a big Valentine’s person.  I always try to do something sweet on that day but I’ve never felt like this was the ONE day where Gary HAS to show me HOW much he loves me…or else.  We usually come up with a little plan.  Something simple because let’s be real…I’m a wedding photographer and I’m almost always broke on Valentine’s Day.  He always picks me out the perfect card (I mean seriously…it’s always exactly perfect to where we are in our life.  Meanwhile…mine says something like – you’re cute, take off your clothes.  Wife of the year guys.) and we come up with something yummy to cook for dinner.  Shows are watched and we’re typically in bed by 10.  Party.  Animals.


That’s pretty much exactly what happened this year.  Dinner in our pjs, tacos, splitting one giant Reese’s heart (holy stomach ache) and closing down the night with some serious binge watching of The Office.  Here is where this Valentine’s takes a turn for the abnormal.  We’re half way through season 7 and by now Gary and I are full on obsessed with this show.  Not just a little…a lot a lot!  And when you’re watching on Netflix it just keeps playing and you never really know how deep you are until you’re past the point of no return.  So last night, we’re lying in bed watching our favorite show.  And boom.  The Goodbye, Michael Scott episode.


WHY!?  WHY did no one warn me about this???  I mean I knew he left before the show was over but couldn’t someone have given me even the slightest hint that my heart was going to get ripped out and stomped on and broken into a million pieces?!?!  For the entire 36 minutes I felt like my best friend was leaving me and it was too much to handle.  I legitimately spent a solid half hour real-crying over a fictional character leaving a show.  So much so my pillow was wet and I had to turn it over before I went to sleep.  I mean that last scene with Pam chasing him down and watching him take off?!?!  If I’m being honest…I’m still sad about it.  Like more than I think I should be.  So yeah, Valentine’s isn’t important to me but it will now forever live on as the day Michael Scott – and The Office – ruined my life.


Ok, mildly dramatic – but for real!?!  Can anyone out there relate!?!?  I realize I’m like six years late but the struggle IS REAL!  Ok, I’m going to stop yelling now.  Also…Gary and I took zero photos yesterday (another fail) so I’m leaving you with this adorable picture of my other Valentine’s – of the miniature variety.  🙂 <3






Today is the day after your 2nd birthday.  And trust me when I say it was quite the party.  As you get older, make sure you’re extra nice to your mom because she works so hard to make sure you have the best birthday ever.  Every single year (you’ve only had 2 so far, but there are lots more to come).  I still remember the day you were born.  I walked up and down the hallways with your mom trying to get you to make your grand entrance.  I remember how much I loved you and I hadn’t even met you yet.  It’s really a crazy feeling.  I hope you get to feel that someday.  I remember holding you for the first time in a room full of people that would literally do anything for you.  Never doubt how much love you have in your life.  I remember rocking you to sleep one night and telling you all about the amazing things you were going to do one day (Emmy for President?).  Because you’re not just any little girl.  You’re a fighter.  You fought to make it into this world and have been a force ever since.  I knew from the second I met you that you were something special.  That you would take this world by storm and truly be one of a kind.  As you grow more into the little person you have already become I just want you to remember a few things.  You are funny and silly and feisty and have so much sweetness inside of you…don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.  You have always marched to the beat of your own drum and I hope that never stops.  You are so brave.  No one falls down and gets back up the way you do.  Your hair is amazing and one day when you go to buy your first straightener remember that people pay a lot of money for hair like yours.  Embrace those glorious curls.  Have dance parties.  Love your sister.  Try new things.  Be unapologetically you.  And never stop being the little fighter you were born to be.  I love you Emery Brooke…every single part of you.



There is something so special about doing maternity photos when it’s your second (or third, or so on) pregnancy.  Having another little one around just makes them so sentimental.  Those precious moments before they become a big brother or big sister.  That short time when you’re a family of 3…soon to be a party of 4.  I just love it.  And there is something even MORE special when that family is one of your absolute favorites!  I’ve known Annie for longer than I am willing to admit.  She was there the night I had my first dirty martini (and oh what a night it was).  We’ve closed down Vegas and spent way too many nights together that quickly became mornings.  And while I really had nothing to do with it (even though I like to pretend it was all my doing), I was there the night she met Brett.  <3  We’ve spent countless hours together laughing and while we may not have realized it then…growing up together.  It’s crazy the places life takes us but I’m so beyond grateful I get to be there to document it.


Annie and Brett will be welcoming a fourth to their crew in a few short weeks and I just honestly couldn’t love them more.



Off season is a funny thing because I always feel like I will have SOOOO much time to catch up on everything and relax and crack open bottles of Chardonnay at 5pm.  When I’m in the thick of busy season (where an open weekend is as realistic as a unicorn) it just seems like the second I have an ounce of free time I am going to soak. it. up.  But let’s be real.  We call it busy season and off season…but there is nothing off about this season.  Because as soon as I have a break from shooting and editing… and a chance to take a few deep breaths….my mind all the sudden opens up again and I’m ready to hustle the sh*t out of the slow months.  It’s like I wake up giddy because I have real, uninterrupted time to dream and dig in and go for it.  Now…let me be clear that there are so many days where I stare at my computer because I have no idea what to do next.  I mean I feel like we all have a little of that fear paralysis from time to time.  But the days where I feel that fire underneath me are really unlike any other.


So what’s been going on?  It’s “off” season but when you run two businesses that’s not really a thing.  So I thought I’d give you a little update about what’s been cookin’ behind the scenes.  Because for the first time in a while (I mentioned in my last post this has been a hard year) I feel excited and hopeful and ready to seriously kick some a$$.


First up…Healing Heels.


I just want to start by saying that while **literally** 90% of the time I have no clue what I’m doing…I love this little business we’ve created.  It challenges me every day and I learn so much about things I never expected to need to know.  It’s fun and rewarding and fulfills me in all the best ways.  So what have we been up to?  We just released TWO new shirts!  They are so cute if I don’t say so myself.  They are incredibly soft and comfy.  I literally live in mine.  You can grab yours here and you can feel great while you’re shopping because your purchase helps us donate a pair of Healing Heels to a woman fighting cancer!




We’re also in the process of producing our THIRD shoe and we want to hear from you!  If you could take one minute to fill our this quick survey we would be eternally grateful.  And even more-so if you would share it with your friends! We want our next shoe to be our best one yet so the more people we can hear from the better!!


We are also in the process of setting up our next Gifting Day!  Gifting days are how we donate shoes.  We go to cancer centers and deliver shoes to every woman receiving treatment.  They are pretty magical days.  If you know of a cancer center that would love to have us we want to hear from you!  It’s harder than you may think to find Cancer Centers willing to host us so we’d love your help!  You can email info(at)healing-heels.com with any suggestions!

Now on to the photography front…

I am planning on doing another Beginner Class this spring.  I will either do it in Indy or Chicago depending on how much interest there is.  If you are interested, fill out this form and I will be in touch as soon as I iron out the details!  These classes are great for someone who just bought a new camera or wants to learn how to use the one they already have.  You’ll be shooting manual before the day is over!

That about does it.  I’m off to get my 3rd cup of coffee for the day.  (don’t judge)  Here’s to a productive Thursday (seriously had to take a minute to figure out what day it was) full of getting sh*t done!  Let’s do this!