Fashion Friday : Travel Must-Haves

I always look through the gossip magazines and see photos of celebrities in airports.  They always look so fresh and fabulous.  I mean who looks like that when they’re flying?  It’s so unfair.  I’m the one carrying 87 pounds of carry on luggage with yoga pants on setting off the metal detector.  One time I was going through security and I had to take off my boots.  I realized as I was pulling off the second boot that I was wearing two different socks.   And not just two different white socks…one was turquoise with yellow flowers and the other had Santa Claus on it.  So embarrassing.  And if you’re wondering why I was wearing two different socks…that’s just how I roll.  Ever heard of the sock monster…yeah he lives in my closet.


I’m leaving for Boston in a few hours and I am determined to make this my most stylish flight yet….yoga pants and all.  So today on Fashion Friday I’m going to show you my favorite fashionable travel must haves.    The paparazzi may not be following me this time…but I’m pretty sure I can talk Gary into snapping a creepy, voyeuristic photo of me from across the terminal.  🙂



First up…a big bag or tote to carry all your important travel stuff.  I used to try to stuff all my magazines, books, cards, scarves, and snacks into a little purse.  No good.  And then of course a travel journal…equipped with a  fine point sharpie.  You can’t let a genius thought you have while flying get forgotten.

Micheal Kors Tote


I’m the first to admit I am always digging through my bag looking for my boarding pass.   Which then causes that momentary panic where I think I’ve lost it.  If I had this cute little travel wallet I would be panic free.

A pair a travel flats.  These things are awesome because you can stick them in any size bag and have them for emergencies.

A scarf.  I don’t go anywhere without a scarf…especially an airplane.

The neck pillow.  They may look weird but they are more than necessary.   And while the pig shaped neck pillow may not be stylish….it makes me smile.

Travel Accessories



I am constantly complaining about how I never have time to read.  I have a stack of business books the size of Goose that I haven’t even started.   With all the downtime that comes with flying I always bring books.  And reading is stylish, right?  Right now the two on my list are How to Win Friends and Influence People and Purple Cow. I’ll let you know how they are.

Business Books



I’m slightly obsessed with these luggage tags.  Bags all look alike these days so cute luggage tags are a great way to make sure your bag stands out.  Or you could get these adorable vintage trunk suitcases.  They make me so happy.

Stylish Luggage


I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when I get through security is hit up the news stand.  I usually leave with about 5 pounds worth of fashion magazines and pack of big red.  Just in case my ears pop.

Fashion Magazines



And last but not least…a super cozy cardigan.  Airplanes can be frigid so having something soft and comfy to keep you warm is a must. Cozy Sweaters


Well…I’m off to the East Coast for some r&r, clam chowder, and sunshine.  Have a great weekend and happy Fashion Friday!


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