Fashion Friday : Getting Organized

I know I’ve said this before…many times.  But since I’m in the spirit of doing instead of just saying I thought I would say it one final time.  I am going to do the most fashionable thing I can think of an I am going to organize my office. LOOK OUT!  At this moment…my office oasis is an embarrassment.  It’s boxes upon piles upon camera equipment upon clothes upon boxes.  It was kind of like once it started turning into a catch-all…that is what it became.  Fast.  And it’s bad.  Gary and I have made a deal to get it together.  And this time we’re doing it.  F’real.


So today on Fashion Friday I’m organizing.  I figure the best place to start is in my head…and go from there.


Office Organization, Home Office, Fashion Friday


I pinky swear to show you the final result when I get it all together.  SOON!!!  And we all know how serious a pinky swear is.  🙂

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