Kate + Sean : Engaged

I don’t know if it was her extreme love for country music or her Long Island accent but I liked Kate the second I met her.  She’s hilarious and makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever.  From the first time we met I knew we were going to fit perfectly as friends.


I had heard her talk about this Sean fellow.  At the time he wasn’t living in Chicago so all I had to go on was the way she talked about him.  Every time she brought him up her face lit up and she couldn’t hold back the world’s biggest smile.  I didn’t know much about this guy…but I could tell by looking at her that he makes her happy.  And not just the kind of happy you get when you find an extra dollar in your coat pocket.  I mean that deep down, can’t live without you, fiery kind of happiness.  And that was good enough for me.


When I finally got to meet Sean…it was at a country bar.  Which is like Kate and I’s homeland.  Obviously.  We spent the night singing country songs at the top of our lungs and Sean just laughed.  Only making fun of us a few times.  😉  But whenever I looked up his eyes were on Kate…with that same smile.  And that same happiness that is constantly beaming out of her.  And as Alan Jackson lyrics floated through the air…I knew they were made for each other.


So internet…meet my country music loving,  incredibly in love, perfect for each other friends…Kate and Sean.


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