Healing Heels: How to help

This last week has been UNBELIEVABLE.  Since Sid and I launched our Healing Heels project the support that we have received has been overwhelming.  We reached 50% of our goal in FOUR DAYS!!!  That’s insane.  It just proved what I already know to be so true…I am surrounded by the best possible people a girl could ask for.  I wanted to write this post today to say thank you.  Thank you to every person that pledged even one cent.  Thank you to every person who shared our story…tweeted about us…liked us on Facebook…told your best friend about us.  Thank you to every one who is keeping this dream alive.  Every morning when I login to Facebook I see countless notifications of people who are excited to share in this journey with us and it honestly makes me want to explode.  So thank you…seriously…from the bottom of my being.  Thank you. 


One question I am getting a lot is…how can I help?  I can’t even tell you what it means to me that you WANT to help.  But I thought this would be a good chance to answer that amazing question.  As successful as last week was…the truth of the matter is we are only half way there.  I know deep down in my bones that failing isn’t an option…but we need your help.  And what I’ve learned this last week is…you want to know exactly how to help.  So here it goes.


1.  Make a pledge at www.healing-heels.com.  And to everyone who has already so generously done this THANK YOU!  It’s been unreal.

2. Share our story.  Social media gives us countless ways to share information and we would be so grateful if you would share our story.  Here are a few of the best ways:

3. Know anyone else who would want to share our story?  News anchors?  Radio personalities?  Bloggers?  We are trying to get Healing Heels in front of as many people as possible.  So if there is anyone you know who might want to feature our story…send them our way!

4. Tell Ellen she should have us on her show.  🙂  I mean…a girl can dream…right?


And in case I haven’t said it enough….THANK YOU!!!!!!!  Your support fuels us and I am eternally grateful.  And in the words of Usher…teamwork makes the dream work.

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  • Joleen Sutton - October 13, 2014 - 9:38 am

    I am going to contribute to your great cause. I would rather mail you a check than do it through the site. Let me know if that’s ok and do you want it now?!
    Great work you girls are doing! XoxoxoxoxoReplyCancel

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