I had this whole post planned for today about my love for Halloween.  I was going to tell you about all my epic costumes over the years…because let me tell you…there have been many.  I was going to talk about that time I was Ginger Spice…and the scream monster…and how I trick-or-treated until I was 16.  Ok fine…17.  I was going to justify why I’m not dressing up this year when in reality I have no good reason.  I did make an attempt last night but the Halloween store was like something out of a horror movie.  Don’t mess with mom’s who have waited until the last minute to get their kids a costume.  Lesson learned.  And then finally I was going to wrap it all up with an adorable picture of Goose in his Halloween costume.  But once I actually put Goose in his costume I realized that is all this post needs.  Because Goose the Shark needs no introduction.


So I will leave you with this little piece of amazingness…and I hope everyone has an amazing Halloween!


pugs in costume, shark costume, goose the shark, pug costumes_001

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