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There are some people you meet and become fast friends.  Sometimes those friendship last and sometimes they don’t.  But then there are people you meet…and over time you realize just how important they are.  Like somewhere some cosmic forces put you in each other’s lives because you both just needed to be there.  That is what Tami is to me.  Tami is one of those people you can sit and talk to forever…and she listens.  I mean really listens.  She’s your biggest cheerleader but refuses to ever let you settle.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have completely unfolded…and laid it all on the table…and she has this incredible way of stacking the pieces back up in the most unobvious, yet perfect way.  I could write about what an insanely talented photographer she is but she’s so much more than that.  She’s an insanely talented person…in every way.  And the best part is…just like the rest of us she’s a work in progress…but I think all the great masterpieces are.  I could write a novel about why Tami is my #wcw today but it really comes down to one thing…she is an incredible friend.  And an even more incredible woman.





I have stared at this blinking cursor for much too long trying to put off writing this post. 🙂

I always pick off my nail polish

I can’t run a mile…and I’m pretty sure I walk faster than I “run”.

I found a grey hair the other day and was like, WHAAAAATTT?!?!

I used to LOVE a big party on my birthday…and now I always want to ignore them.

I can’t ever remember words to songs…most of the time, if you were to turn off the music I’m singing along to, it’d just be me making noises that kind of sound like the words.

However, I do know the words to too many Taylor Swift songs and I’m a little embarrassed.

Sometimes I don’t unpack…I’ll live out of a suitcase until the next trip.

I love to travel but am always a little scared the night before I leave.

In my personal life, I’m always late…and really really hate that about myself.

Sometimes when I get nervous, I forget how to pronounce words.

I have very dark sunspots on my face that I think are really ugly.

I don’t like texting people without iPhones because I don’t know how to communicate without emojis.

The thought of falling in love really really really scares me…I don’t think I’ve actually ever been in love.

I admire people who do fall in love.

I feel embarrassed every time I cry in front of anyone.

A lot of times, I’ll wear black hoping people won’t notice my fluctuating weight.

My weight is always fluctuating.

I always buy yogurt and never eat it.

Sometimes I forget what my mom’s laugh sounded like; what holding her hand felt like…and that scares me.

I can’t let myself think of the day when I’m no longer significant in my nieces and nephews’ lives…because I just can’t.

Sometimes I burn my popcorn just so all the kernels are popped.

I have this weird fear that my friends and family are going to get tired of being with me and am always trying to leave things early because of that.

I don’t like saying goodbyes and prefer slipping out without having to say them.

I’m afraid of failure…but sometimes, I fear success even more.

So often, I want to cry out for help…but when it’s offered, I don’t know how to take it.

My favorite people are those who are both genuine and seem to love easily and generously.

Cheesy cliches annoy me and I distrust people that use a lot of them.


I’ve always felt quirky…and it’s been one of my biggest insecurities.  I craved being “normal”…and I’ll be honest, often still do. When people asked me what makes me…me…I wanted it to be things like, I’m super cute, I’m overflowing with confidence, my skin is too perfect, and my jokes are too funny.  I wanted perfection…and thought everyone else had it but me. But I’ve learned that my best friendships haven’t come from looking at someone and saying, “Everything is great!” Rather, they’ve come from saying, “You know, sometimes I’m very lonely.” or “I don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing.”  I’ve found that shared flaws are where my heart connects because that’s the universal language of humanity…flaws. Ugh…and you guys, I’m still learning this.  In fact, I feel like I keep circling back around over and over to this lesson…’cause I forget. But if you’re like me, I just want someone to see my flaws and believe that, “Yes, I see you…yes, you do matter…and yes, you are good enough.”  When I remember that my flaws are the key to the heart of someone…and when my imperfections can be used to validate another person…that’s when they become gold. Thanks for letting me share…it was an honor.  A scary honor…but an honor. 😉
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  • Abi Huber - March 5, 2015 - 9:46 am

    Tam, I love you for all your ‘quirks’! There’s not ever a time that I come away from spending an evening with you that I haven’t completely enjoyed myself! You’re so genuine and I love that about you! And I love your emojis! ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Rita Menold - March 5, 2015 - 8:17 pm

    Tami….thanks for being so open and honest. You remind me so much of your sweet Mom whom I loved and appreciated so much. Don’t ever think you are alone in your feelings…many of us have them. Bless you, RitaReplyCancel

  • Shawna Duncan - March 12, 2015 - 9:20 am

    Tami….dearest Tami. I love reading anything you write. It feels like I’m back at State Farm Q&B doing the only thing I enjoyed about that job, enjoying my friendships. But it also makes me miss you very very much! You will forever be an inspiration to me!ReplyCancel

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