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Oh man…the love I have for this woman is off the charts.  I think now that I am an aunt I can truly understand the love that goes along with it.  Sure…Katharine is still figuring out that she loves me more than life itself…but I have no doubt in a few more years she’ll feel the same way as I do about Julie.  See…I seriously lucked out in the in-law department.  Julie is Gary’s aunt (and now mine) and from the first day I met her…I fell in love.  She is one of the greatest people on the planet.  She loves deeper than I think most people can even comprehend.  She is unapologetically herself and makes you be the same.  When she laughs…she really laughs.  And when she listens…she really listens.  She’s one of those people that you walk away from way counting the seconds until you can go back.  She is an incredible mother and grandmother…aunt and friend.  But she’s an even better wife.  In the short time I have known her (in the scheme of things) she has taught me so much about marriage and love and what it means to be truly happy.  Watching her and John together…after almost 45 years of marriage…is something so inspiring.  And beautiful.  Bottom line…Julie is an incredible woman through and through.  And one that I am so lucky to call family.





I love everyone very deeply and sometimes get hurt very deeply because of it.  Which makes that both a blessing and a curse.  When I give someone my heart, I give it completely.

I’ve been overweight since having my two children.  90% of the time I’m completely fine with being chubby petite.  The other 10% not so much.

In my late 20’s I suffered with depression and during that time I thought many times that my family and friends would be better off without me.

I could never measure up or please my Dad and, unfortunately, it’s the same way with my sister.  They are the only two people in my life that have ever made me feel this misunderstood.  My Dad died when I was 20, but I’m still trying to please my sister.

I’m extremely afraid of being a bad mother-in-law.

I am a perfectionist.

Sometimes I’m secretly ashamed because I’m only a high school graduate.

I miss my mother every hour of every day.  She died of cancer almost 23 years ago and the wound is still like it happened yesterday.  She made me feel loved and special every day.  I still have days when I feel like I just can’t survive without her.  Best mom ever!!

I am the baby of the family, but most of the time I’m more like the first born.

I am famous for bursting into song – – any time, any place.  And sadly, most of the time I don’t know the right words so I make something up.

I suffer from anxiety attacks.  I never know why or when one might come on.  I don’t leave my house without my medication.  In the beginning it made me feel weak, but time and knowledge completely changed my mind about that.

I’m an emotional eater.  Happy, sad, nervous, whatever.  Ice Cream is my favorite “go to.”

I have become a horrible texture eater.  Certain textures like guacamole I can’t eat.  And “no poopie” at the table.  Talking about certain things while I’m eating makes me not be able to finish my meal.

I am ProLife and ProChoice – – I could never abort a baby myself, but I want a woman to have a choice depending on her personal situation.

I’m a very spiritual person, but very private about it.

I never completely unpack from a trip because I don’t want it to be over.

I hate it when people think I’m too cheesy about my husband, children, grandchildren and family.  To me they are all perfection and I want to shout it from the mountains.

I’m very old fashioned when it comes to mail.  I love writing letters and sending cards.  “Mail time” is one of my favorite times of the day.

I’ve learned different people come into your life at different times for different reasons.

I despise when someone lies to me believing I’m stupid enough to believe them.

I love being silly and goofy.  It brings me lots of happiness and joy.

I sometimes think being at the ocean is the closest I’ll ever get to heaven – – or maybe it’s my heaven on earth.  All I know is that it’s a very, very happy place for me.  It makes my soul smile.

There are no do overs in life!

I’m proud of the good friend I know I am.  I also know I let friends take advantage of me, but eventually I reach a point when I say no more and I stick to that.


I’m 63 years old and have reached a point in my life that I’m completely comfortable with myself.  I am who I am.  I’ve learned that you can be a strawberry, but not everyone likes strawberries and that’s okay.  The little things mean more to me than the big things.  I’m very easily entertained and content.  I love smiling and laughing and I have the laugh lines to prove it.  I’m that person who wants everyone to be happy and tries to make sure they are.  I don’t think I’m anyone’s normal and I’m more than okay with that.  I found my forever when I was 13 years old – – we’re about to celebrate 45 years of marriage and I’d do it all over again.  I adore our children, our in-law children and our four grandchildren.  In this thing called life, all things considered, mine has been very good!


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  • Stephani roberts - April 1, 2015 - 3:38 pm

    Love love love Julie! An amazing person and so grateful and honored I get to call her friend. Also love that she is okay with my little one calling her “Grandma Julie.” So glad you had a “layover” in Greeneville.ReplyCancel

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