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My brother didn’t have a lot of girlfriends growing up (or any) so when he brought Kasey over to meet to the family I, of course, ignored her and decided she was going to have to earn my affection.  Fast forward a few hours to us playing Photo Hunt at the Alley Cat and from that point on…she was my sister for life.  I say this all the time but I honestly don’t think if I would have created her from scratch I could have made a more perfect person for my brother.  I hit the sister-in-law lotto and when I think about our family before Kasey it just doesn’t seem complete.


I could tell you about how hilarious she is and how it’s so easy to sit and talk to her for hours.  About everything.  How she cares about things (like people and animals and family) so deeply that is makes you care even harder.  How she likes all the best shows and never turns down a white wine spritzer.  But since her post is about her life as a parent, I’m going to focus on that.  I know I may be biased, but Kasey is raising two of the best humans I know.  She is so patient with them and every single time I am around them I am of awe at how smart and funny and polite and just all around awesome they are (Ok…Emmy is just a baby but I have no doubt she will be all of those things one day).  She may not know this…but every little thing I watch her do I store away for when I have my own kids.  Because she’s the kind of mother I want to be.  If my kids are half as cool as hers I will be doing alright.  And on top of how she somewhat effortlessly juggles five thousand things at once while always looking pulled together…she’s never too busy for the people in her life.  In a nutshell…she’s one of the best people I know and it’s just icing on the cake that I get to call her family.





When Lauren asked me to write for her Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) blog segment, she told me to describe what I am like in real life.  Since my life has mainly been consumed with children for the past 3 years I thought I would focus on what it’s like for me to be a parent, because that is really what consumes most of my time and thoughts these days.  I have had so many new experiences with my two daughters, Katharine (3) and Emmy (6mos.).  I have read more parenting blogs and books than I’d like to admit.  I know everything that you are “supposed” to do as a parent.  I also know that I fall short in many areas.  But today I wanted to give you a glimpse into my hectic life and share some of the joys and worries I have as a parent each day:


– Sometimes I let my kids watch too much TV just so I can have a little bit of quiet time. 

– I get distracted at work because I am worrying about things like if I packed my daughter’s ballet leotard and what day “show and tell” is.

– 60% of my time with my kids is spent trying to figure out if my 3 year old needs to use the bathroom.

– There are ALWAYS bottles to wash and laundry to do.  I feel like it will never end and I will never ever catch up.

– I worry that my sweet and easy baby Emmy isn’t getting enough attention, it’s hard being a 2nd child.

– I spend way too much money on matching outfits for my girls that I’m sure they will hate me for later.

– I feel terrible when I get upset with Katharine for whining too much, tough love doesn’t come easy.

– I pray every day for patience and fear that there is never enough to handle an infant, a toddler, and a husband.

– Snuggle time with my kiddos is my favorite.  I dread the day that they think they are too old or too cool for it.

– I worry daily that I am doing or not doing something that will totally screw my kids up for life….I guess time will tell.

– Some moments I want time to stand still so my kids will stay little forever.  Then Emmy spits up on me and Katharine pees her pants and the moment is gone.

– I feel like my mind is racing and I am always missing something.

– I fear I will never lose these last 15lbs of “baby weight” but I still eat that cookie.

My real life as a parent has truly been the most chaotic and awesome journey of my life.  The mix of emotion and exhaustion that I feel everyday can be overwhelming but also pretty incredible.  I am far from perfect but I am trying my best and enjoying the ride.  I am grateful for times like these where I can reflect on life as it is now.  I treasure this time when my life is busy and full and hope I am able to appreciate all of the imperfect moments along with the spectacular ones.



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