Did someone say FLATS?!?!


In case anyone was wondering…there are 17 days left until Christmas.  SEVENTEEN!!!!  Gary and I are leaving for Maui on Christmas Day so this countdown is both incredibly stressful and very exciting.  But what is more unbelievable is that we are well on our way to mid-December.  Like where did the time go?  I have this very real, very irrational fear that I am going to wake up when I’m 70 and not know how I got there.  Like all the sudden life is over and I forgot to look up and enjoy the ride.  Ok…maybe I enjoy it a little.  With the help of copious amounts of wine.  But I digress…


The reason life is moving full force ahead is because behind the scenes we have been working a million miles an hour over at Healing Heels to bring our newest baby to life.  THE JANET!  Named after my mom…one kick ass lady and the one who taught me how to handle cancer like a boss.  And as I’m sure you’ve guessed…it’s a FLAT!  We heard you and we are super excited to add a more “reasonable” shoe to our repertoire.  But don’t let it fool you…these bad boys can still do some damage.


Here’s the exciting part!  You can pre-order your flats right now!  One thing we’ve learned all too well in the shoe manufacturing world is nothing moves fast.  We had high hopes of getting these babies here by Christmas but our Chinese bestie had other ideas.  So when life gives you lemons…make a cocktail.  Right?!  Now until January 1 we are not only accepting pre-orders for these beautiful flats we are offering 10% off!  (COUPON CODE: JANETRULES)  Quantities are limited so pre-order yours before they’re gone!   And as always…your purchase not only puts a pair of kick ass shoes on your feet…it gifts a pair of heels to a woman fighting cancer!


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