Jordan + Luke: Married – Maui Wedding Photographer


Several months ago Gary and I planned a vacation to Maui.  We couldn’t wait to squish our toes in the sand and mispronounce all the Hawaiian words.  We knew it was going to be such an amazing trip.  Then my good friend, Joe, called and told me his sister was getting married in Maui the exact time we were planning to be there and asked if I would shoot their wedding.  Joe is one of my favorite people so it was safe to assume his sister was going to be my new bff.  And I wasn’t wrong.  🙂


Jordan and Luke’s wedding was simply…perfect.  It was a small, intimate gathering of their closest friends and family.  Between the market lights and the laughter and tears that drifted off into the ocean air, it was one of those nights you just know you won’t forget.  I’ve shot a lot of weddings…but something about this day.  This group of people.  Something about Jordan and Luke was just special.  And I feel incredibly grateful that I got to be even a small part of it.


Jordan and Luke…I just love you guys.  Thank you for trusting me with your big day and for being overall awesome people.  It was so great getting to know you guys and I sincerely hope there are many more poolside cocktails in our future.  xoxo


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Venue: Gannon’s | Wedding Planner: Nicole Scharer – Celebrations Maui  |  Florist: Dellables  |  Hair & Makeup: Maui Mira  |  Dress: Robert Bullock

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