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In my profession you meet you a lot of amazing couples.  I have been truly lucky to work some incredible people but every once in a while someone comes along that just fits.  Jess is one of those people to me.  From the first time I met her I knew I didn’t only want to be her wedding photographer but her friend.  Because she has this way of lighting up the room and making you feel instantly better about anything.  She’s the kind of thoughtful that brings tears to your eyes and is not afraid to let you know just how grateful she is for you.  She has been such a source of happiness in my life and getting to know her has been truly amazing.  She is so kind, funny, loves country music, an amazing wife to Jake (who is also awesome!), genuine and just an overall solid human being.  Not to mention she basically made my photo brain explode at her wedding by giving us SO much time for sunset portraits.  This girl gets me. 😉  Jess is the epitome of #wcw and I can’t wait for you get to know her….





So Lauren came to me asking if I would like to be featured on her #WCW blog and my initial reaction was YES!!!  I was so excited and giddy because I always enjoy reading her blog posts so I couldn’t wait to be apart of it.  After that initial excitement, the thinking cap came on and I thought…okay now what?  What on earth am I going to write about??  Well that’s actually a lie, I first looked to see if the 25th fell on a Wednesday that was close so Lauren could post this on that date (we kind of have an obsession with the 25th – first date, engagement, wedding, the list goes on).  Any who… it didn’t work out so that’s why you’re reading this today and it’s not the 25th.  So here goes nothing.  🙂


There is something that I always seem to get from people… “You are always so happy!” … “You always have a smile on your face!” “You are always so positive!”  Well I will be the first to admit that, while I always try to live my life by seeing the glass half full, I too have my days and moments where I feel like my world is crumbling down.  I have learned that it is okay to not always have everything under control, because life is not always controllable.  I have my good days, my bad days, my “I don’t want to get out of bed days.”  The funny thing is, when I read all of these #WCW blogs, I find myself smiling because there are so many things I can relate to from every single post; so I hope mine can do the same for others.  I hope by the end of this, you will not feel alone.  One of my favorites is Lauren’s “I throw away Tupperware when the food inside is too gross.”  That one still makes me chuckle because I do the exact same thing!  So here is my best attempt at my “real life” …


I hate doing laundry… I don’t mind putting the clothes in.  It’s the folding and hanging up.  So most of the time, I leave it in the dryer and take out what I need day-by-day.  My husband hates it and then I get frustrated because my clothes get wrinkly.


I once destroyed my car because I “forgot” to get my oil changed and a hole burned through my engine… That sure was an expensive lesson and a day full of tears.  Make sure to get your oil changed on time!


I stress about everything and everyone.


Sometimes I do NEED to eat that whole bag of chocolate chip cookies.


I freak out when I have to go to the doctor or dentist.  I once went to the dentist and came out with 10 cavities… how does that even happen???  Then I regret eating that whole bag of cookies.


I’m constantly asking myself if I am in the right profession.  Still trying to figure out where I really fit in, in life.


My worst fear in life is not being able to become a mom.


I am sometimes late on paying bills… whoops.


Jake and I are STILL learning things about each other daily.  Even after dating for 10 years before getting married, we don’t have each other all figured out!


My best friend and I are the queens of complaining.  I think complaining to each other is sort of like our therapy.


I am in constant fear of failing and doubt myself a lot.


I am an auntie to not only my precious nephew Joey… but also to my two perfect angel nephews who I know are looking down on and watching over me everyday.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t still struggle with that hurt in my heart but learning that time does help heal.


I hate when Jake snores… and its gotten worse over the years.  Refer back up to where I said that we are still learning things about each other.


Marriage is NOT easy!!  Sometimes we disagree but at the end of the day… we always love each other and he truly is my best friend and someone I am so proud to call my hubby!


I’m still trying to figure out how we are STILL broke.


I do not wash my hands with my wedding rings on…. I’m convinced it will ruin them.  #noitwont


The city of Chicago hates me… When I lived there during school, I got ticketed, booted and towed all in the same day.  Once again, that day ended in LOTS of tears.


Even at the age of 26… I STILL need my mom.


I have issues with anxiety.  It is something that I am continuously working on.


I get jealous.


I Google everything… Any sort of pain quickly turns into me convincing myself that I’m dying.


I can’t go a week without eating Chipotle.  ECOLI will not stop me.


I miss being a kid sometimes – Some days I wish I didn’t have the responsibilities and stresses that you gain when becoming an adult.  If only I knew this when I was little instead of always wishing I could “grow up!”


I am obsessed with being an aunt/god mommy…. My nephew is the light in my life and a great reminder to what life is all about.  His smile, laugh and love can turn my horrible day around instantly and I think that is incredibly powerful.


I have horrible grammar skills… so I apologize for all the grammatical errors in this post.


I am always wishing I had more time to just relax and not do anything.  But when I finally get that time, I get bored and have to do something.


I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.


I could go on and on… But I think that paints a good picture of the crazy and imperfect life I call my own.  People say your life completely changes when you get married…. We’re still trying to figure that one out but what I do know is that our wedding was the happiest, most perfect day of our life.  Then you go home and reality sinks back in… You’re no longer living that fairytale that you got to experience for a few days while on a newlywed high and I’m realizing that it’s OKAY.  If life were so perfect all the time, we wouldn’t know what true happiness was because we wouldn’t know of struggle and hurt and all the things that make happiness real.  I think life works in mysterious ways and I continue to hear a certain song on the radio after a really bad day and it makes me take a step back and remind myself that I am truly blessed in life.  So it is with that that I will end my blog post… “It’s where I hit my knees and thank the lord for this life of mine. Man I love this life”… Yes it’s a country song. (“I Love this Life” – LoCash).


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