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Growing up…our family was full of a lot of boys.  I had a brother…and several boy cousins….and all my next door neighbors were boys.  But in the midst of all of them I had Shannon.  My one girl cousin who in all actuality…was more like my sister.  We are almost exactly 10 years apart and from as early as I remember I wanted to be just like her.  At every family gathering I wanted to sit next to her…do everything she was doing…dress like her…you name it.  Writing it out sounds kind of creepy but when I was little…she was just the coolest person there was.  As we grew up our matching outfits might have taken a backseat but one thing has always stayed the same…she was always the sister I never had.  Through high school and college she was the person I would call to give me advice about all the important life things.  We would spend weekends together that I would look forward to for months.  And as we grew into adults (it’s possible I’m still getting there)…it’s because of her that I met this crazy guy I call my husband.


Shannon and I have literally lived life together and while we may be much older…way more fashion savvy….and most of the time a bit wiser….she’s still that same person that I look up to.  An incredible mom to 4 awesome kids.  A truly devoted wife.  The type of person who cares so deeply about not only the people around her but people around the world.  And one truly incredible woman.  She’s inspired so much in me and I am truly grateful to not only call her my cousin but one of my very best friends.





I often walk into my house with my husband and four kids and wonder when I became an adult.

There is always laundry.  Always.

My kids clothes get put away but mine often lay for awhile…then my hubby usually hangs them up.

I love naps.  I love food.  I love sunsets.  I love clean sheets.  I love Sailor Jerry.  I love the beach/ocean.  I love to laugh.  I love music.  I love helping others.  I love sex.  I love America.  I love God.

I want to be with my husband all the time and I don’t feel bad about it.

I am a mom, step mom, foster mom, and soon to be adoptive mom.  Lots of titles but I love all my kids no matter how they come to me.

I pray every day I don’t screw up my kids.

I don’t workout often and have gained weight over the years.  I am ok with it some days and not on other days.

After my dad died I started stress eating.  I think it helped me forget how sad I was so I could focus on my mom.  Work in progress.

I call my mom every day.

Fashion and I don’t get along.  Give me jeans and a t-shirt any day!  If I have to pick out an outfit for something I try on clothes and send Lauren selfies to get her opinion.

I never leave the house without make-up because I don’t like my skin.  After my hysterectomy I either have break outs or hot flashes.  But I am alive so I will take it.

I’ve had cancer.  I don’t consider myself a cancer survivor because I had one surgery and didn’t need anything else.  There are cancer survivors who battle hard, chemo/radiation, years of treatments….my mom, grandma, aunt, brother-in-law, mother-in-law and Lauren are survivors.

I have lots of gray hair.  Some day I plan to stop coloring my hair and just go gray.  Maybe at 50.

Mission trips to Haiti permanently altered me for the better.  I was scared the first time I went to Haiti.  Now I wish I could go more often, do more, and give more.

I can’t stand drama.  I don’t trust easily.  I avoid conflict at all cost.  I am annoyed by gossips and arrogant people.

My first baby turns 14 this summer and starts high school next year.  Officially feel old.

I don’t have a lot of friends.  But the ones I do have are the most loyal, trusting, loving, and genuine people.  They love me when I am right and when I am wrong.  We live real life together.

I can go from calm to crazy if you come at my kids.  Kids are suppose to make mistakes.  That is how they learn.  ALL kids make mistakes.

I’m very competitive.  I love sports.  I learned so much from playing sports growing up and from playing volleyball in college.

Being a sports mom has taught me to keep my mouth shut.  I’m still working on this.

The older I get the more I worry and let fear rule me.  During a resent trip I realized I need to live ‘outside the box’ more often.  New goal!

My husband Aaron and I are foster parents, but it took all of us to be a foster home.

We are in the process of adopting #4.  This little guy has taught our family so much and we are beyond lucky to call him ours.

I want more kids.  My husband thinks I’m crazy.  We agree to just pray on this.

I love my life and feel beyond blessed to be living it.


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