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Oh man where do I even start.  I first met Evan when Katharine was just a tiny little thing.  Evan was her first nanny and instantly became part of the family.  I mean, Katharine was this little angel that had just come into all of our lives so to trust her with anyone was a huge deal.  But little did we know just how important Evan would become to all of us.  I think I had met her for about 30 seconds before I knew we would be fast friends.  I had just finished chemo and was in the whole getting myself back process and Evan never treated me differently.  You’d be surprised how many people are afraid to talk to you like a human being when you’re bald.  She was so kind and NORMAL that it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with her.  Fast forward (almost) four years and she is still such a huge part of our lives.  Here’s a great example of the type of person Evan is.  When I asked her to write this #wcw post…instead of writing about herself, she initially sent me a post she had written about ME!  It was honestly the sweetest thing I’ve ever read and just sums her up so well.  She is the type of person that will do anything for the people she loves.  She’s selfless and genuine and and incredibly fun person to be around.  She is so beautiful on the inside and out and I am so thankful that she will forever be a part of our family.

Love you Iya!





It’s easy for people to look at my life and assume it’s perfect.  Why wouldn’t they?  I have a supportive fiancé, a beautiful home, loving parents, a career I love and I’m fortunate enough to travel…this is the social media version of myself.  What’s not seen …


I’m a complete and total control freak.

I push Sean to his limits just to see what they are .

I obsess over not gaining weight.

I’m a people pleaser.

I’m a terrible cook.

I have a mountain of mismatched socks sitting in living room.

I leave my dead Christmas tree up until March.

I’m never caught up on my laundry.

I hold all my frustrations and stress in until I explode into one emotional mess.

I stick my foot in my mouth too often.

I love too deeply.  Yes it’s possible.

I’m secretly sensitive and care what people think of me.

I wouldn’t shower for weeks if I didn’t have to.

The thought of having my own children terrifies me.

Sean says I screech like a dying cat when I sing, I think I sound like Carrie Underwood.

I’ll never stop trying to dance like Beyoncé.


I could continue on this rant, but I think this sums me up pretty well.  I’m not perfect.. I’m a complete mess at times.  I screw up, I make mistakes, I hurt the ones I love but at the end of the day…  I’m here.  I was able to enjoy the beautiful disaster that life is for another day.  I got to spend another day kicking cancers butt and allowing my patients to spend another day with their loved ones.  Is it really that big of a deal that Sean didn’t take the trash out like I asked?  Or my hair just won’t corporate today?  Not really.


At the end of the day I can say I’m happy with who I am and where I’m at, the dishes can wait another day…


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