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Whenever I ask someone to write a #wcw post I always tell them how much they will be helping other women.  But the truth is…they help me even more.  They remind me of just how many amazing women I have in my corner and am constantly blown away by the strength and beauty inside each and every one of them.  Including Brighid.  I don’t know Brighid that well…but we share a best friend (you can read her #wcw here!) and over the years through various activities I have seriously fallen in love with her.  She’s the type of person that makes you want to be around her.  She’s the best kind of funny (as you’ll read below) and cares about the people in her life so fiercely.  Take me for example.  Brighid doesn’t know me that well but when she heard Gary and I wanted to adopt she spent forever on the phone with me telling me every little detail and answering any questions I had.  I got off the phone with her that day feeling so calm and excited about the future.  She just has that way about her.  Not to mention she is incredibly beautiful on the inside and out…an amazing mom to the most adorable little girl you’ve ever seen, a kick a** wife and the kind of woman I am so lucky to have in my life.





I don’t really like putting myself out there in ways that overtly ask for attention. Talking about myself made me feel kinda self-indulgent. So writing this was hard for me because I thought, eww who cares about my stupid nonsense!? But here goes….


I always want people to feel comfortable talking to me and I work hard to make sure no one ever feels nervous to express their true feelings or thoughts. It is part of my work but part of me too. I feel like people have so many common emotions… but don’t talk about them so then they worry they are the only one. No way! We’ve all felt that!


I hate clichés. I don’t like to say popular meaningless catchphrases. And I hate motivational inspirations. Live Laugh Love. Barf barf barf.


I wish I didn’t have a cowlick in the front of my head so I could get bangs.


Ryan is my best friend and I feel so thankful that not only do I love him, I really admire him, and I just love being in his presence. Sometimes I follow him around the house or plop myself where he is with a dumb smile on my face, like, hi, I like you 🙂

He is my match and my constant and I am so glad he is stuck with me forever.


When you scare/startle/surprise me (if you dare) I will get psycho f***ing pissed in a nanosecond and be angry at you all day. I HATE when people scare me. Ryan still does it all the time. STOPPP!


I am FIERCELY loyal and if you are my people I am going to love you and stand by you for your whole life no matter what. My loved ones need to know that they can count on me.


I suck at telling jokes. I tell it wrong, if I can remember it at all. But that doesn’t mean I am not funny. I think I specialize in dry one liner observations.


Funny and clever are magnets for me. Some people just have that spark that makes my brain go buzzzzz and I want to be around them and talk to them and have them entertain me with their funny words. My closest people are all able to get me laughing my ass off. And don’t you love when you can just shoot your people a look and they instantly know what you are laughing at? Those moments are the best!


I hate small talk and I feel my insides reel during it, like lets get to the good part and talk about SOMETHING or let’s move along.


Sometimes people think I am a bitch. I can be very deadpan and also very direct so that can come off as harsh. Whatever. As I grow older I care less and less what others may think of me. I know who I am and I have a big heart. And if people think I’m a bitch, I hope they think I’m a badass bitch.


I am soo clumsy. Like every day I spill something, bump something, or drop something. I am not smooth.


Being an only child has shaped me in a way. I love to be alone and I feel comfort in it. I am not good at sharing. I will bake 12 muffins and offer you one. Do not say you don’t want one, and then try to eat a bite of mine. Get your own!!!! I also do not do well with picking and teasing. Siblings do this and are fine with it, but I am like back off, stop, not funny, get up off me.


I am proud of my cooking.  Feeding others makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I love trying new recipes and I am drawn to others that have a passion for food.


Eating is one if my favorite things to do and I am a pig. Sometimes I eat lunch twice or dinner twice. That is one of the BEST parts of pregnancy and nursing… you can eat anything and everything!


I love colors and coloring and art projects. I am visual and feel energy from beautiful things to look at. I wish I made more time for creating. I really look forward to art projects with Lena when she is a little older.


I like to be right which is a very annoying and needling personality trait. It can be so hard to bite my tongue sometimes or to resist correcting others. Nobody likes a know it all.


I have been embarrassed when people look at my DVR list because there is a lot of junk TV in there.  Housewives galore. There I said it.


Becoming a mother is the VERY best gift that has ever happened to me. When I think about it too hard I feel like it is so big and more than I can even comprehend. What an absolute miracle. This baby is so perfect and full or joy and wonder and GAH it is just so heavy. I know that probably sounds so cliché and like every new mom says it, but there are NO WORDS big enough and special enough to describe it. I feel lucky every day.


I thought that after having Lena I would feel more overwhelmed and more frantic and kinda nuts. Like it would be hard to cram a new identity and zillions of new tasks into my already overflowing brain. But it’s not! I actually kinda feel more calm, and more accepting in general. Little babies put your life in perspective and give you a surge of grace on the regular. Like I don’t feel as judgmental. I care less about what others are doing or not doing. Or maybe I have less time to care. When a little innocent happy face greets me every day it is like a drug that makes petty shit matter a little less.


I’m so proud of Lena sleeping through the night, such a big girl, so good! But I actually miss those nights when she would wake up at 4am. I miss the quiet time we had together when the whole world is asleep. But I’m not stupid… I know that the pendulum will swing and she will once again wake in the night and need me. And I will run to her room.


When I read books to Lena, if one is even a little sentimental I start tearing up. And books like “On The Night You Were Born” or “Love You Forever“? Holy hell she probably can’t understand what I am saying because I am bawling.


My job is not just a job. I am an adoption specialist and I get to make families. Yeah, I know… how fricking awesome is THAT?!


The human body is freaking amazing. A lot of women hate their bodies during pregnancy and afterward but I am just simply amazed at how cool the body is. It still boggles my mind that I grew a human, carried her around when she was as big as a watermelon, pushed her out with my own strength, and her only nourishment comes from me still. It makes me feel crazy empowered!


And in the spirit of WCW, I think women rule. I love being a woman, working with women, and I feel bonded to the women of my life.  I love the whole “build up, don’t tear down” message. So let’s keep it up girls.


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  • Meg Fox - March 24, 2016 - 9:37 am

    I am blessed to call Brighid my daughter. Brighid being a mother warms my heart. She should feel how much she means to me, just like being a mom to Lena. I am so proud of her. She handles every role in her life with strength, grace, humor and being real!ReplyCancel

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