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I considered starting this by listing all the things Amanda and I have in common…but I don’t think there’s enough room on the internet.  When I met Amanda it was at a Starbucks back in the early days of my business.  I was just excited someone was willing to meet with me let alone that someone being Amanda.  I remember sitting there in awe that I couldn’t believe this girl…this bride who was literally like something out of my wedding dreams…wanted me to shoot her wedding.  From that second on Amanda became not only one of my favorite brides…but someone I am so lucky to call a friend.  This girl is just so many things.  She is witty and most of the time just downright hilarious.  She is smart and creative…and very fashionable I must add.  This girl can accessorize with the best of them!  She cares about people with everything she has and has this ability to make you feel like a million bucks without even trying.  When you are around her you want to keep being around her and when you’re not…you wish you were.  She is such a beautiful person…an amazing wife…and one incredible woman.  Which is why today she is most definitely my #wcw.





I’m passionate about serving, especially people with disabilities. 

I believe that I was made to work for Special Olympics Illinois, yet I’m terrified of having a child of our own with special needs.

I am a total hypochondriac; I waste so much of my time being worried. 

My dog has his own hash tag.  I know he appreciates the attention.

I love to host… but I drive myself insane thinking about what others will say about our house, my food, our life. 

I’m crafty.  I like that I can be confident about that talent.

My Grandma once told me, copying is the greatest form of flattery.  She’s a smart cookie.

I over plan and over book because I never want to feel left out.

I have a hard time “living in the moment.”  Instead I think about how sad it will be when it’s over.

I’m proud of what my husband and I have overcome and how strong we are now compared our dating days.

I’ve had three close friends beat Cancer.  It’s safe to say they are the strongest most inspiring people I have ever met. (xo, ME, LT, MD)

I will always believe in second chances.

I’m insanely insecure with my “toothie”…a tooth that never grew in and left me hating my smile.

I love Grandpas.  My grandpa, your grandpa, the older gentleman walking down the street that I assume is a grandpa.

I always like to see the best in everyone and it sometimes bites me in the ass.

I am incredibly sentimental, I’ve cried three times while writing this. 

I often forget to say please and thank you, especially to my husband.  I’m working on it.

Nagging is my worst trait.  I hate that I cannot find a better way to communicate when I’m angry/upset.

People tell me I have a magnetic personality, it’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.

My sister-in-laws don’t like me.  And it bothers me, a lot.

This spring I created a business plan in hopes to have a booth at our Famers Market, I’m telling all of you so that I stay accountable.  Pretty Poppies… coming soon!

I’m still driving my Sweet Sixteen car, her name is Tricia.  She is old, rusted and embarrassing but I cannot seem to tell her goodbye.

I shave my legs once a month, maybe?  I’m lazy and I have realllllly light hair.

My life goal is to picnic across the country with my husband.


Someone once told me that our old farm home “had potential.”  I remember how furious and offended I was.  Our first home together has been filled with nonstop labor, change, character, tears, broken pipes, learning, laughing, fights, and horrible paint colors.  We’ve hosted the most important people in our lives for dinners, sleepovers, s’mores and walks into town.  Now, two years later, I look back at our “potential” and smile…that person nailed it.


If life has half as much potential and memories as this 150 year old farm house, I’ll take it.  I’m 30 years old and building a life that is unlike anyone else’s.  I don’t have a baby on the way or travel to exotic places or eat at fancy restaurants!  I do, however, have a husband who values me, who tells dumb jokes just to see “toothie” and who promises me that he’ll love me and our life forever.  That paired with our banana loving puppy and the potential to start each day fresh is enough for me.

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