Book Review: Start Something that Matters


If I’m being honest…I have a really hard time finishing business books.  Fiction…I can’t read them fast enough.  But when I read business books I literally have a physical reaction to them.  Like my chest gets all tight and I feel incredibly overwhelmed and ultimately…stop reading it.  It’s kind of a problem.  I know there is so much good information inside of them but it’s like my brain just…can’t.  Enter ‘Start Something that Matters‘ by Blake Mycoskie (founder of TOMS).  This book is my spirit animal.  Seriously.  Best business book I have ever read…hands down.  I literally couldn’t put it down and would schedule hours during the work day to read it because I couldn’t wait to finish it.  And now that I’m done I want to:


  1. Cry.
  2. Read it again.
  3. Be best friends with Blake Mycoskie


The world of business is scary.  There are a lot of terms and intimidation but this book has none of that.  It is pure inspiration.  Reading about how Blake created Toms against the mold and made it into exactly what he wanted it to be…a for-profit business that makes a difference…was incredible to read.  It’s so easy to get caught up in money and “success” but  this book redefines that way of thinking.  It put success in perspective and shows you that the littles step can make the biggest difference.


The highlights of the book for me were:

  1. The story of how TOMS started…and exploded.  I could read 1000 books about how businesses/people succeed against all odds.  And hey…maybe one day I’ll write one of my own.
  2. The way he runs his business today.  TOMS is a HUGE company and yet he treats his staff like equals and gives everyone an even playing field.  For example…every person gets to pick their own title and at their office every desk is exactly the same…ie: no corner offices.
  3. Giving is good business.  That sentence goes against common sense but the biggest take away from this book for me was that giving (not making money) is what makes you a successful business.  And that doesn’t mean you can’t do both…but if all of us started something that mattered…think how much better of a place the world would be.


In conclusion…go buy this book.  I promise it is worth it.  I am more excited than ever to see what Healing Heels becomes but I know without a doubt…it will be something that matters.


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