Year one.


It’s really strange to look back over a year.  All the highs and lows…goods and bads that make up 365 days.  How it can go by so incredibly fast yet seem like it will never end.  This last year has been a challenging one for me.  Between moving to a new city.  Buying a house (and being incredibly broke because of it).  Leaving a place I spent 11 years calling home.  Running two businesses during what feels like the absolute busiest I’ve ever been.  Getting schooled on the art of marriage…over and over again.  Say what you want…but being a good wife is hard.  Also getting schooled on the art of homeownership.  Woof.  I feel like I have literally been pushed in every possible direction and I’d be lying if I didn’t say there were days where I just wanted to fall over and stay there.


But today.  Today reminds me why I don’t.  Why I get up every time and keep running even if it’s in the wrong direction.  One year ago today we officially launched Healing Heels.  I have put more sweat and tears and straight up LOVE into this business than I could ever put into words.  It has been **THE** hardest thing I have ever done and in turn…the most rewarding.  I spent this morning looking back over the last year and while it still feels like an uphill battle…I am so incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished.  Not only creating something literally from scratch.  But changing so many lives in the process.  We have touched the soles of over 100 women and if you ask me…that’s pretty $%*@-ing awesome.


Today snuck up on me.  My life is crazy at the moment and while I wish today could be filled with endless champagne and a huge party and lots of kick ass chicks rocking their heels…that just didn’t happen.  But trust me when I say it is being celebrated.  As I sit here on this cold, rainy day…sipping my Starbucks I am filled with so much gratitude and pride.  This is year one.  Of so many more ahead.  I have no idea what “ahead” looks like but I know without a doubt it will be spectacular.


So here’s to 365 days of ups and downs.  And one glorious year of kicking ass.



  • Ailsa - October 1, 2016 - 1:56 am

    Dear Lauren, I wanted to share how much your blog on healing heals touched me. Congratulations! Such a wonderful achievement! And proud… you deserve to be!

    I can relate to those days you talk of… Running in the wrong direction… But keeping on going… And also the great sense of gratitude when we achieve something big after a lot of hard work. The toughest journeys do, indeed, bring the greatest rewards .

    On Thursday I reached my own ‘Year One’ – living free from addiction. The joy that comes with that freedom is quite indescribable. It is, without a doubt, the biggest and most rewarding challenge of my life so far. And each day as I run from class to class to teaching undergraduate psychology students… I try to catch myself and remember how blessed I truly am that I achieved my studies, overcame addiction and that I am now in the privileged position of teaching and mentoring young people finding their way in the world and academia. For that I am truly thankful. Congratulations on Healing Heals… What a wonderful cause… Reading your blog always fill me with hope and inspires me when I am battling against the tide. As we say in AA… Let go, Let God. God bless, A ❤️❤️ReplyCancel

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